In summer travel to Bariloche

Travel in Summer
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San Carlos de Bariloche is famous for its ski resorts and winter activities. However, visiting the city in summer it can be even better! In this travel blog, we will tell you what to do in Bariloche during this season, and some useful for your trip unforgettable data.

Summer Climate

During January and February the weather is very pleasant, with temperatures reaching 30°C. While this could be suffocating, it is not because it is dry heat. They are also the months with less rainfall during the year. Of course, at night the temperature can drop a lot, so it’s essential to take at least one coat. These conditions combined with the incredible geography of the region, Bariloche make a perfect destination for excursions and practice adventure tourism sports such as paragliding, canopy, horseback riding and rafting.

Travel in Summer
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Captive Tours

Small Circuit

It is one of the best walks to do on your first day in Bariloche. The path around the lake Perito Moreno and joins several wonderful places like the Hotel Llao Llao, and Bahía López Colonia Suiza. At every step you amaze some of the best images of southern Argentina. You can do this tour by bicycle or the car rental service in Bariloche.

Black and Glacier Tronador

The hill, on the border with Chile, is famous for its dark glaciers. Its name comes from the sound it makes the ice to break off and fall into the lake Manso, like thunder. If you’re traveling in a rental car you can take Route 40 to the intersection with the 82 and, along the way, stop to admire other great places such as Lake Gutierrez, the Los Alerces waterfall and gazebo Pampa Linda.

Myrtle Forest and Victoria Island

It is one of the most beautiful walks and one of the main attractions of the city . You can tour the lake Nahuel Huapi on a ferry and make two stops: at the Los Arrayanes National Park and Victoria Island, the largest lake. While walking among the myrtle will feel you are on another planet.They are amazing trees, twisted trunks and very soft texture, tan. This tour can also be done on foot or by bike from Villa La Angostura. 

The Victoria Island is very interesting for history lovers walk, because it was one of the first places to be filled by immigrants who came to the region. The tour guides will give you much information about how the city was born and how the Nahuel Huapi National Park was created. While browsing you can also feed the seagulls and receive a photo as a souvenir.

Large and Seven Lakes circuit

I followed Route 40 by car or with a tour to discover some of the most beautiful lakes of Patagonia . This tour covers about 250 km long and can be done in one or more days, with stops in Villa La Angostura, San Martin de los Andes and Junin de los Andes.

Circuit shelter

If you like hiking, this is the best activity to do in the summer of Bariloche. There are several routes with different levels of difficulty and length, ranging from one to several days. They are paths going up and down the mountains, joined by shelters where you can spend the night. On these trips you are getting the best views around Bariloche. Do not forget to bring your camera!

Where I stay in Bariloche?

As it is such an important tourist center, you will have many options in Bariloche hotels for all tastes and budgets. The most convenient to find accommodation areas are the center and the area called Kilometers . In the first there is more variety, with hostels as Backpackers, Tangoinn and Marcopolo; inns and Poppies, La Casita and Nogare; and hotels like the Tirol Bariloche, Three Kings and the International. You’ll also find several buildings with apartments for rent. 

Kilometers is the area that extends from the center to the end of the Llao Llao hotel, about 24 km.Here are the best luxury hotels of the city as the Tunquelen, the Rochester Bariloche Nido del Condor.

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