How to Travel on a College Budget

College Budget

If you want to travel while you’re in college, then chances are you’re going to have to learn how to do things on a shoestring budget. There are lots of ways that you can get around without too much cash, you just have to know how to keep hold of all the essentials and let go of everything else. Here’s how to travel on a college budget.

Reserve Early

When you travel, there are a lot of amenities and services requiring reservations. You have to book a hotel room, buy tickets for flights, bus rides, train rides, concerts, tours, and all kinds of other things. In most cases, the earlier you reserve your tickets or your seats, the more money you will save. So be sure to always do your research on everything to find the lowest prices and be sure that you get things squared away as early as possible.

Stay in Hostels

If you’ve never stayed in a hostel before, then it may sound kind of scary. You don’t often have your own room, so you will be sharing one with strangers, the beds are not very large, you need to bring your own towel, and there’s usually a communal bathroom and kitchen. Everything is barebones, and there is nothing even remotely luxurious about it. That said, as long as you do a little research to make sure the place is safe and clean, you could meet a lot of other young travelers and have a lot of fun while you save a lot of money.

College Budget

Skip the Souvenir Shops

Every time you go to a place that is highly trafficked by tourists you are going to find all kinds of junk to waste your money on. Some of it might be sentimental to you, but it’s always over priced for what it is, and there are plenty of ways that you can hold on to those memories without buying a cheap piece of plastic. You will know when you come across the few special things that you will need to take home, but otherwise, don’t waste any money on souvenirs.

Pack Light

If you really want to save money while you travel then you have to travel light. The more that you bring with you, the more it’s going to cost to drag it around, not only in baggage fees but also in undue stress on your back. You will ultimately have much less energy to get around and do things if you are literally weighed down by your bags. Also, knowing that you will buy a few things to take back with you, you want to have enough space in your luggage to take those things back as well.

Take Advantage of Student Discounts

Even if you don’t have your New England College student ID on you when you buy all of your tickets, you will still be eligible for student discounts in a lot of places. In most countries, you don’t actually have to be a student in order to receive a student discount, you just have to be under a certain age. If you are in Europe, that age is usually 25.

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