How to secure a hotel room for a young child

hotel room

Regardless of the number of stars, hotel rooms are never totally suitable for babies and toddlers who like to explore their new environment. As parents, you must be careful to reduce the risks to which they may be exposed.

Why do you have to secure the hotel room?

While it is perfectly natural to take all the necessary precautions to protect your baby at home, it is a reflex that is not always necessary when traveling. Yet the dangers are many and sometimes a simple gesture of common sense is enough to eliminate them. Some of the most common risks include:

hotel room

  • Hot spots: fireplaces, radiators or hot water in the bathroom.
  • The furniture: the sharp angles of the furniture where your baby can bang the head, or the high furniture (like the king size bed) from where the child will have difficulty going down alone.
  • The wires: the cords and electrical outlets that baby can pull or the wires of the blinds that hang at its height.
  • Microbes: garbage cans, remote controls or other objects that are real germ reservoirs.

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What to pack to secure your room?

Securing a hotel room cannot be improvised. You can carry with you various objects that are often useful or that may be missing on site. These include:

  • A cradle or an umbrella bed whose corners must be rounded or protected by foam.
  • Tape or caches
  • From rags
  • Anti-pinch devices such as door locks or closing dampers
  • Storage bags

How to secure your hotel room?

hotel room

  • Cut short attempts to escape: As the baby tends to travel the room, it should limit its movements by installing it in its cradle or its cot. In this way, he will not have access to the balcony.
  • Corner Hunting: You can protect furniture corners by scoring rags to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Raising All: All dangerous items must be stored in storage bags out of reach of your young child. It is important to pay particular attention to the phone, the alarm clock, the coffee machine, the pens etc … It is the same for the trash of the toilet and the bathroom.
  • No wires in sight: Try to eliminate all the wires your child could see and therefore pull. As for television, check its stability by trying to pull the cord. If you are out of the room, unplug the cord from each unit and wrap it up, making sure it is high enough. Tie the wires of the blinds or curtains and put them out of reach of your child.
  • Bright idea: To cut baby’s urge to put your fingers in the socket, install covers on electrical outlets, or failing that, protect them with tape.
  • Exit the slamming doors: Lock the doors and windows and make sure your baby can not lock himself into a room by accident. All you need is a draft and a slamming door for your baby to pinch his fingers. To prevent this, install a door lock. You can do the same with drawers and cabinets by installing closing dampers.
  • Sunscreen does not taste good: Avoid leaving your toiletries or toiletries in the bathroom, better lock them in the closet provided for this purpose.

Final Touch

The young child is particularly vulnerable when traveling because he is curious by nature and the hotel room is a new space for him to explore. You must, therefore, put yourself in its place and ensure that it is as little as possible exposed to a potential risk.

However, despite all these precautions, zero risk does not exist. This is why the purchase of a travel insurance is recommended to provide you with better coverage in the event of an accident during your stay.

Apart from these practical tips, you may have discovered other tips for securing the hotel room. Do you have any other suggestions? Did this advice help you?

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