How to change a plane ticket?

plane ticket

Changing a plane ticket or canceling it is not always a simple thing, as each airline has its own rules.

For this reason, it is good to know when you can change your airline ticket without additional cost and how to pay a little more at the time of booking (buying a flexible ticket, for example) if you think you will have to modify it Also, you should consider that, if the price of the new ticket is different, it is common that you have to pay an extra. There are cases (especially when traveling with low-cost airlines) where it may be cheaper to buy a new airline ticket than to change it. It may happen that, between the supplements, the cost of the call and the payment by credit card, the final price of the change easily exceeds that of making a reservation from scratch.

Here we write 10 airlines info to change your plane ticket

American Airlines

plane ticketYou must enter the “My Trips” section and find your reservation and then proceed to modify the ticket details. Rates for changes depending on the plane ticket that was purchased. Thus, there are bills that cannot be modified and others that can be modified by paying a supplement. You can find the charges on this link, but we recommend calling the Reservations Center for more specific information. Continue reading: Some tips for not spending money at the airport

Air China

Go to the website and select “Booking Management” and then “View my reservation”. Enter the information on your plane ticket and from there you can make the appropriate changes. Keep in mind that the price of the ticket modification is based on the type of ticket purchased and that you must also take into account the price of the new ticket.

Air Canada

plane ticketClick on “My Reservations” and enter the data to make the changes. The prices of the change of ticket vary according to the type of fare purchased and according to the duration of the flight. A change of ticket costs from AUD 50 to AUD 200 (in addition to the difference with the price of the ticket you want to buy).

Austrian Airlines

You can change the plane ticket up to 24 hours before departure or 3 hours in the case of a fully flexible fare ticket. The common price of the exchange rate (“rebooking fee”) is $ 70 and you have to add a service fee that depends on whether you booked online or through the Booking Center ($ 5 to $ 27). Consider that you must also pay the price difference with the new ticket.

British Airways

plane ticketTo modify the ticket you have to enter “Manage my reservation” on the company’s website or call the airline by phone. The prices for the change of ticket depend on the route and the chosen fare. They tend to oscillate $ 80 and should consider the new price of the ticket.


You can modify your reservation in the “Manage your reservation” section of the Emirates website or through the contact telephone. The changes usually cost $ 100 for those cases in which a Flex-type tariff has not been purchased.

Qatar Airways

plane ticketFlights can be changed up to 3 hours before the departure of the flight. Depending on the flight you have purchased, you can do so without any charge or pay a fine that depends on the type of flight. You can make the changes in “My reservations” on the web or by calling the reservations.


You will have to enter the section “My trip” to see what changes you can make on your trip. You can also do it through social networks or by phone, but you will be charged a management fee if your plane ticket is not flexible. You can only change the name if it was misspelled. If you are likely to have to change your flight, we recommend you to acquire a flexible rate because fines for changes are high. Flights that were not purchased through the web or from a Lufthansa office cannot be changed online, you will have to go to the travel agency where you purchased it.


You can change the flights in the “Reservation changes” function on the Swiss website up to three hours before the departure of the aircraft or at the customer service. In the tickets purchased with the Light rate cannot be modified, in those purchased at other rates you can do it as many times as you want.

Thai Airways

plane ticketYou can change the flight tickets purchased in the different Thai Airways offers. For international flights with Thai Saver Plus and Advantage fares, you must pay $ 100 plus the price difference of the new flight. For domestic flights, you should consult directly with the company. Enter the section “Manage my reservation” to make the appropriate changes.

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