Five Chinese Wonders

Chinese Wonders
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Travelers welcome! This time we will move to the other side of the ocean to discover an Asian wonder: China.

The PRC is the world’s fourth largest country and most populous continent, with a figure of around 1,339,724,852 people! Although its capital is Beijing, the city with most residents is Shanghai. This vast region is divided into 22 provinces, so the great variety of Chinese Mandarin dialects makes one of the most difficult languages to reproduce.

Chinese Wonders
Image Source: Google Image

China is a real tourist paradise. This beautiful country has huge mountains, wide rivers, wonderful buildings and various microclimates that offer a myriad of destinations to visit! That is why it is no coincidence that the tourism industry represents one of the main sources of income in the country.

By way of offering an overview, we chose 5 of the main attractions of China, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, so you buy your international air tickets and you start planning your next vacation!

1- The Marble Boat: It is a pavilion located 36 meters along the shores of Lake Kunming, in Beijing. It consists of a solid stone base located on the lake on which a large wooden structure raises shaped two-storey boat. So named because the paint used is similar to marble.

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2- The Great Wall of China: Declared as one of the new seven wonders of the world, is one of the main symbols of China. It has approximately 21,200 kilometers long and an average of seven meters high and 5 meters wide. Currently only 30% of it is preserved.

3- Huanglong: One of the most beautiful passages that can be seen in China. It is a mountainous area of snow-capped peaks, hot springs and terraces in the form of calcite deposits that offer a dreamlike view.

4- Temple of Lhasa Potala: Monument located in Lhasa, Tibet’s capital, more than 3650 meters above sea level. Here is the residence of the Dalai Lama and was founded in 1648.

5- Terracotta Warriors: 7000 figures of warriors and horses made life-size terracotta which are located in 3 pits which are exhibited intact in the Museum of Terracotta Army.

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