First Time At The Airport – Your Actions

First Time At The Airport - Your Actions

Do you have to visit the airport for the first time? Do you want your first flight impressions not to alienate you from other future air travels? The flight will be successful if you prepare for it in advance, familiarize yourself with the procedure of check-in and boarding, and learn the rules for customs. Before the departure of the aircraft, you will need to go through several stages of registration and control procedures at the airport:

  1. Check-in for the flight, which usually lasts 2-2.5 hours before the departure of the aircraft. It is better to arrive at the airport terminal on time, by the beginning of check-in, otherwise, you may be late for boarding the plane. Since you are going to fly for the first time, it is recommended that you use the standard, non-automated method of check-in with an airline employee at a special counter. There the airline service representative will answer all your questions. During check-in, you will receive a boarding pass, in which you will be able to see the necessary information about the upcoming flight.
  2. Baggage handling and handing it to the load compartment. Each airline has its own rules and restrictions regarding the free transportation of baggage and personal belongings. These are usually weight restrictions – 25 kg for luggage and 10 kg for a bag that you can take with you on a plane. After putting the bag or suitcase in the luggage compartment, you will receive a tag that is attached to the ticket for boarding the aircraft.
  3. Passport and security control is the verification of documents and hand luggage (the procedure of passing through the contour of a metal detector and x-raying of outer clothing, shoes and personal belongings).
  4. Customs control at the airport is a check of compliance by passengers with all customs rules and regulations. So that the customs at the airport did not delay your boarding due to any misunderstanding, with the rules of customs control and export of items subject to customs duty, you should familiarize yourself in advance. And, if there are any among your baggage, they must be declared at customs.

First Time At The Airport - Your Actions

If you do not want to learn the rules for passing through customs from and to, consider the categories of things, products, values ​​or goods that may be subject to mandatory declaration and customs taxation (over a certain value, quantity, and weight). These are food products, alcoholic beverages, cigars and cigarettes, medicines, goods in individual packages, items of cultural value, jewelry made of precious stones.

In the case of a timely passage of all registration and control procedures at the airport, you will still have some amount of free time before boarding the plane. This time you can spend just relaxing in the waiting room and cafes, or go shopping in the free trade zone of the airport.

When you start boarding the flight, you can get on the plane to your place and breathe easy. Of course, the excitement of the fact that you are on the plane for the first time is not excluded, but try to relax and get only the most pleasant emotions from the flight.

Customs control at the airport of the destination country provides for the division of movement of passengers into two special corridors – “green” and “red”. If you carry with you the declared things, products, cash, then you will need to go through the “red” corridor. In the event that your baggage does not exceed the norms of things not subject to customs duties, certain amounts of money and volume of goods, you can proceed along the “green” corridor.

Do not forget, even if you choose the green corridor, the customs at the airport may still be interested in you. So just be prepared for additional verification. Enjoy your first flight, ease the passage of customs and excellent rest!

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