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If your dream is to rest in large cities and contact with nature, without leaving the comfort that offer the big chains, Bell has what you’re looking. In this travel blog we tell you what are the best hotels in the region, and this unmissable destination. Let’s travel together!

Why visit Campana?

Campana is a small town located 65 km from Capital Federal, in the west of the province of Buenos Aires. The trip is about an hour’s drive. It seems incredible that so close you can find in the countryside, in landscapes where only the crickets are heard and where you can see a clean and full of stars at night sky.

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Bell is part of the Tourist Corridor of Parana Inferior, following the Parana River Palms to match San Nicolás de los Arroyos and includes other destinations like Zarate, Baradero, San Pedro and Ramallo. Being an emerging tourism region, several international chains opened hotels around, and are visited by both families and couples, for contingent business travelers.

History and nature

Most Campana attractions revolve around the nature and history of the city. Here you can find several attractions that recall the past of the region and Argentina itself, as the Automobile Museum, where the first car in the country -built in the early twentieth century is exposed; the Municipal Palace and the Railway Museum. But the nature of the place is even more interesting, with several options to explore and marvel. We highlight the visit to the Otamendi Nature Reserve and boating on the river Parana Two of the best activities offered by this destination!

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Luxury Accommodations

Campana around there are several hotels of four and five star hotels, ideal for spending from a day or a weekend to a complete vacation with all the comforts to which we are accustomed the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Some of the most recommended are the Sofitel La Reserva Cardales, the Dazzler Campana and Australis Campana. All have recreational facilities such as restaurant, pool, gym, sauna and spa. And some even have tennis courts and game rooms.

A good idea is to check with the hotel if they offer special services during the season. Many of these accommodations have promotions and weekend rides for guests. For example the hotel Sofitel La Reserva Cardales, located between Campana and the thistles, offers kayaking in the lagoon of 20 hectares and biking around. If you dare to visit the thistles, here balloon flights are organized. An experience you have to do even once in life!

Rural tourism

Another option to do on your vacation in Campana is spend an afternoon in a stay of field. There are several open their facilities to the public where you can eat lunch and watch a Creole folklore shows. Several of these places also organize horseback riding and other field activities.

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