Electronic solutions when traveling!

Electronic solutions
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Not to worry more travelers then I present several extremely useful electronics to avoid some problems that we can get to find!

Thanks to technological advances and experts on travel, several accessories that solve the most common problems, and help the passenger on his journey to your chosen destination were created.

Electronic solutions
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Here are the magical devices!

Bag loader power: Unbelievable but true! For all electronic devices you wear, will accompany the Powerbag bag keeping load throughout the trip.

Portable Cell Phone Charger: This charger called PowerTrekk is made water – based and cell recharges when necessary without the need to find a place to plug in the charger.

Airport Express: Goodbye to Internet connection problems. For all those who suffer the difficult connection that exists whenever traveling, Apple created a wireless device that works by simply connecting the cable to your computer.

Submersible music player: The Uwater G4 Chrome is a miniature waterproof player. Listen to music in the pool, sea or doing water activities, freeing ourselves from the worry of damaging the equipment.

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Portable water purifier: For those concerned about the quality of water in the different destinations, this element is the solution. With the mere fact of placing it in the glass or bottle containing water, purifies us SteriPen content in less than a minute.

Notebook Lock: To protect your computer, Kensington lock ComboSaver was created to keep safe this expensive and important element.

Laptop Battery: Forget about running out of battery in the music player and other items. This mini lithium battery Kensington, not only lets you know the charging status of your device, but also loads!

Now you know, relax and enjoy your next trip undisturbed!

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