Eco-Tourism in Mexico

Eco-Tourism in Mexico
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For those who love nature and like to enjoy it so neat and responsible, eco-tourism is one of the most satisfying ways to travel. It is characterized by favoring the preservation and appreciation of the natural and cultural environment, taking into account the environmental sustainability of environment and well-being of local populations.

There are many places around the world where you can travel in this way. Ecuador stands out with the Galapagos Islands, Madagascar and Costa Rica but destinations such as Mexico are growing in this area and it is worth noting its charms.

Eco-Tourism in Mexico
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Mexico is characterized by the variety of ecosystems, prone to the development of different natural species in the same region. There, different environments and cultures for different coastal and central regions of the country are presented.

There you can visit different cities where you can enjoy nature in a responsible and sustainable way.

In the city of Acapulco, one of the main attractions is “Roqueta”. An island that can be reached only by small boats and observe its ecosystem of reptiles and a variety of birds. On the Beach “Pie de la Cuesta” between the months of October and January it takes place the beautiful ritual of releasing sea turtles that come to lay their eggs there.

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On the coast of the Caribbean Sea, in Cancun are parks Xel Ha and Xcaret are also carried out various activities related to ecology. Here you can discover the important vegetation, soak in the stunning cenotes and underground rivers and appreciate the fauna of the region. You can also visit the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka’an where an ecosystem in which thousands of birds and reptiles live develops is the priority.

In the Central area, Aguascalientes is a great architectural center where important biodiversity is. In the Cerro de la Ardilla may be animals like deer, puma, wild boar, wild cat, golden eagle, hawk, quail and chameleon. Moreover, its fauna includes species such as pine, cedar, arbutus and ash that contribute to create a unique, relaxing and natural landscape. Besides places like the Sierra del Laurel and Sabinal are must-see places.

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