Dubrovnik: What you should not miss?

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One of the most beautiful towns in Croatia’s Dubrovnik, no doubt. A long history of trade and war has given its present appearance inherited from centuries ago. Its walled old town and its streets bright and ocher slabs have seen pass knights and beggars, warriors, kings and looters. Today, we who the rerecords trying to recover some of those stories.

I remember the first time I came to Dubrovnik, still I lived almost rural atmosphere that has now lost a little. The embroiderers huddled sitting at the doors of their homes while continuing to chat with their neighbors, without losing sight of the stitches.

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Its hung from windowsills and tiny doors, all kinds of fabric with rustic wool. They showed almost shame the naïf paintings which are then listed on both. Today those same houses have been transformed into art galleries, craft shops, souvenir shops …

It is also true that thanks to these times, Dubrovnik, Heritage, enjoy the freshness and health you deserve. If you go to visit her for the first time, let me give you my advice on the essentials, what you should not miss seeing in Dubrovnik.

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If you follow the natural course of the city you have the opportunity to meet some of their most interesting points:

  • Walls: Walk on the defensive system of the city (the former Republic of Ragusa) will give you an idea of the strategic position. Its fortified system is the best preserved of the Mediterranean, built in the tenth century The journey should start coming through the Pile Gate (with its drawbridge and all). Before entering the city, look at the image that is at the door: San Blas, the patron of the city. Then you go up the stairs and you can walk the walls hata the Round Tower of Minceta slip XV century.
  • Sources in the city of Dubruvnik show esteem and water treatment that had the city. Walking the streets you will see the channels still waters APRA trasvasaban not stagnate as in other cities, giving a higher level of health for the time. Among the sources, I recommend closer to that of Velika Onofrio Onofrijeva or receiving water from an aqueduct from the outside of the walls.
  • The Rector’s Palace. We have already described in this post a while ago.
  • Leave spending time in Stradum. The main street is the path along which most of the movement of the city. There you will find many corners where to stop. Be sure to enter the church serboortodoxa Blagovijest.
  • Turn aside by the cross streets. You will find interesting places like the Synagogue, one of the oldest in Europe.

Do you know Dubrovnik? What advise adding to these recommendations?

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