Discover the best of Bolivia

best of Bolivia

The best thing about Bolivia is to get to the country with your eyes and mind wide open. It is a multicultural nation where Spanish is spoken everywhere, but where it is not strange to hear old local languages. The typical costumes and some ancestral customs are preserved intact. They coexist with foreign influence, of course. But Bolivia is a country with its own roots where you will find the most authentic of all South America. Travel with a desire to learn and be surprised and you will take with you the best of Bolivia: an experience difficult to repeat anywhere else in the world.

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  1. Start your visit in La Paz
  2. Find the best of Bolivia in the altiplano: Eduardo Avaroa National Andean Fauna Reserve
  3. The Uyuni Salt Flats
  4. The capital of Bolivia: Sucre
  5. The footprints of a dinosaur of Cal Orcko
  6. The most romantic and beautiful of Bolivia: the evening on Lake Titicaca

Start your visit in La Paz

It is not the capital of the country, which is located in Sucre, but it is probably where your plane leaves you. La Paz is the center of population higher above sea level. In fact, get ready for altitude sickness or you will not be able to enjoy the beautiful Plaza de San Francisco, so called because of the Mestizo Baroque basilica that gives it its name. The same one is in the old helmet, the lowest zone of the city (too little more than 3,000 ms of height).

best of Bolivia

Search here for the Witches Market. If we talk about the best of Bolivia, you can not miss some of its most exotic customs. Flame fetuses are sold here to take them on. They conjure good luck. The connection of Bolivia with Mother Earth and the mixture of its own rites and Christian beliefs endow this market with Calle Linares with a large number of esoteric contraptions. You can also ask to have the tarot cards thrown out right there.

Find the best of Bolivia in the altiplano:

Going into the Bolivarian highlands is an adventure that requires some preparation tips for a safe vacation and prudence. In the first place, altitude sickness exists, but it is not something that can not be overcome. You need to drink a lot of water, do not make great efforts, do not obsess and chew coca leaves. They can be purchased everywhere in the country. The best thing to do this excursion is to hire it and perform it in an off-road vehicle. Keep in mind that temperatures can range between -20 and 20 degrees. The nights are very cold, so wear warm clothes.

With all this in mind, think that what you will find there are landscapes that you will not see anywhere else in the world. Bubbling lava at your feet, lakes that will leave you breathless, snowy mountains, plains plagued by beautiful animals. The discomfort of an adventure trip is compensated by the beauty of the fumaroles, thermal waters, and geysers. You can not miss a trip that can last up to three days and that undoubtedly condenses the best of Bolivia.

The Uyuni Salt Flats

best of Bolivia

The cold will continue to accompany you in the largest salt desert in the world. Remember to wear sunglasses, you will need them. Just as you would take them on a snow trip, they are essential when you visit this white and immense surface. You will see pink sunrises and lunar landscapes. You can lose your eyes on a horizon that will not allow you to distinguish the sky from the earth. If you are looking for the best of Bolivia, here you will find a peace that is not easily found. Come to Lake Tauca … Or to the place where it was. Nowadays, the great surface of the water is nothing more than a memory, but the soil remains moist and creates incredible reflections.

The capital of Bolivia: Sucre

After the cold of the altiplano and the desert, a visit to Sucre is appreciated. It has a very temperate climate and an architecture reminiscent of Seville. You will see white and yellow palaces, baroque churches and a very European architecture. The surrounding landscape, however, will always remind you that you are in Bolivia. Visit the Casa de la Libertad and its historic center, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The footprints of a dinosaur of Cal Orcko

Only 20 minutes by car from Sucre, paleontologists will find what, for them, maybe the best of Bolivia: a vertical wall full of dinosaur footprints from the Cretaceous period. Of course, dinosaurs did not walk on the walls. It has been the changes in the orography that have raised that wall. The collection of prints was found by chance in a quarry. Contemplating them well deserves a small excursion.

The most romantic and beautiful of Bolivia

best of Bolivia

It is the largest and highest mountain lake in the world. When you see it you will think you will find yourself before the sea. The landscape is impressive and the city of Copacabana will delight you.

As you see, Bolivia is one of those countries worthy of being discovered. Do it with Exotica and you will come home much richer in experiences.

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