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Argentina, with its vast area and its variety of climates offers all the ideal adventurous entrepreneurs to venture into one of the extreme sports scene par excellence: the mountain. Three of the most preferred destinations are located in the Andes, and promise not to disappoint any who choose to know.

If there is something that this country can boast, it is to be the place where the highest peak of America, is the Cerro Aconcagua. This mountain, located within the Aconcagua National Park, has two main peaks: the north and the south summit, which along with glaciers that cross its slopes, give it the ideal place to attract millions of visitors frame.

Cerro Tupungato is an extinct volcano located on the border that divides Argentina from Chile. Its large size makes it possible to see this hill both from Mendoza, and from Santiago de Chile. Covered by a large ice sheet, the Tupungato gives you access to different options mountaineers: the north, west or south route, with the three in distance and difficulty but with different landscapes.

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Mercedario is a hill located in the province of San Juan and is part of the eight highest mountains of the Andes. This landform is composed of the Polish Pico, La Mesa, Alma Negra and Ramada. Its visibility extends to Chile, where he is known by the name of La Ligua.

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Some factors to consider when embarking on such an activity are:

  • The climate: Cold wind, gusts over 100 km of intensity, rain and frost, are some of the obstacles that any mountaineer may encounter when trying to climb a peak.
  • The nature: The characteristics of each mountain are what will determine the difficulty of access to the top. Knowing how to interpret the mountain is fundamental to achieving the ultimate goal.
  • The equipment: The basic equipment consists of double plastic boots, a special mountaineering backpack, sleeping bag very good quality so that the cold is isolated, balaclavas, socks, gloves and a special clock for this activity.

While anyone who wants to can make this sport, one must first make all possible courses and internships in any of the hundreds of clubs Mountain Climbing. Even experienced climbers make their trips with mountain gurus or local people, not to leave anything to chance.

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