Cinque Terre, five villages on the sea

Cinque Terre
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Italy holds many corners that look like film. One of them is very near Genoa, making it an ideal getaway from city: Cinque Terre.

A natural park formed by a group of five charming villages in a beautiful natural environment. To explore this region recommend taking the road from Monterosso, the first village that we are arriving from Genoa) to Levanto. Just over 10 kilometers long along the coast on a scenic tour of the first and is rarely visited by most tourists.

Cinque Terre
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Cinque Terre have been recognized as World Heritage Site in 1997 for its scenic and cultural values. Now part of a nature reserve and a marine protected area. The area includes the coastal strip that extends from Punta Mesco, near Levanto, until Punta Montenero, nearby Portovenere. About 10 kilometers east of La Spezia, with a maximum width of 3 kilometers between the mountains and the sea.

The five towns that make up this unique place have been raised challenging nature. Working centuries its inhabitants have managed to work fertile olive groves in the little available land. Bays, beaches, cliffs, a sanctuary for marine mammals, and powerful their own culture make it a great destination to visit.

Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre

Departing from La Spezia the first of the peoples of the Conque Terre we found is Riomaggiore. Built almost vertically crossed by stairs that connect houses and narrow streets, walls and ceilings Ligurian slate colors. At the bottom, below the main street, runs the Rivus Maior that gave the town its name. From here comes the Via dell’Amore, scenic route linking this village with Manarola between the mountains and the sea beating the rocks down there.

Manarola, Cinque Terre

Along with an impressive row of dark rocks, elpequeño port clings to a sea throat closed by huge stones. We are in Manarola. On the same typical terraces with vineyards and olive trees are observed, down to the sea the streets and vantage points overlooking breathtaking.

Corniglia, Cinque Terre

This is different from previous people, and that comes on top of a promontory 100 meters that plunges into the sea. To access the people have to climb the ” Lardarina” a long and grueling staircase made ​​up of 33 ramps 33 escaroles. There is also a street that runs from the train station and climb to the village center.

Vernazza, Cinque Terre

Founded in 1000, Cernazza is the people that stays true to its roots com fishing village. Its natural harbor and its fishing tradition were already known since antiquity. Since the only natural harbor in the area, it rises streets to the town center, a small square facing the sea. The old houses speak of a past of wealth than the rest of the villages of the Cinque Terres.

Monterosso, Cinque Terre

At the western end of the Cinque Terre it is adjacent to the hill of San Cristoforo. There Monterosso muesrta a magnificent medieval historical center (the village already existed in the seventh century), also a modern residential neighborhood next to the beach and a magnificent coastal walk.

A decent Italian corner of runs and incorporate a longer route along the Adriatic coast.

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