Children Are Swayed In The Transport- What To Do?

Children Are Swayed In The Transport- What To Do?

A trip to the transport makes your child “turn green” from nausea? Nothing is worse than seeing how a child is sick on the road and that he is not able to control himself. Most likely, the baby will outgrow this trouble after 12 years. In addition, today there are many methods of treatment of seasickness. If your child is swayed on the bus, on the train or on the plane, he is very sick and vomiting – use our tips to help alleviate the side effects of travel.

Signs of motion sickness in children

Not all children are sensitive to motion sickness in transport. Seasickness almost does not occur in infants, mainly affects children from 2 to 12 years. Getting older, the child better tolerates the road. Teach him to recognize signs of motion sickness and ask him to tell you about approaching vomiting. Also, note that this body reaction can be hereditary.

Children Are Swayed In The Transport- What To Do?

The child cannot always convey how he feels. Usually, it all starts with the following symptoms:

  • the pallor of the face;
  • sudden fatigue
  • dizziness;
  • cold sweat;
  • A desire for nausea and vomiting.

How to prepare for the trip?

If your son or daughter feels guilty about spoiling family holidays, calm them down, say that in time this will pass, and they are not alone. What else can you do:

  1. Do not feed the child on the eve or during the trip heavy food, fast food (chips, french fries) – in order to avoid indigestion. It is better to take a light snack on the road: crackers, biscuits, sour candies, mint drops. If the journey is short, try not to feed at all until you arrive at your destination;
  2. just in case, prepare plastic bags (not necessary for the child to see them), wet wipes, a handkerchief, a refreshing spray for the face, a towel, spare clothing;
  3. Take a supply of water.

Children Are Swayed In The Transport- What To Do?

What to do if your child is subject to “automobile” disease?

Try to prevent nausea with simple ways:

  • Already being in the car or on the bus, open the window: let the cabin be constant access to fresh air.

  • Put the baby in the direction of the car, and not sideways or back.
  • Ask your child to close their eyes and if possible fall is asleep.
  • If the baby does not want to sleep on the bus, put him in the front seat. On the plane, try to book a place near the wings – it shakes less.
  • Try to avoid trips on uneven, winding roads, or you will often have to stop to give your child rest.
  • Bright sun and glare sometimes lead to even greater nausea and headache. Try to cover the glass.
  • Let him not read along the way, but look ahead, towards the horizon line.
  • Some babies are well distracted by watching TV.
  • From time to time give the child a couple of sips of water with lemon.

Children Are Swayed In The Transport- What To Do?

  • The acupuncture bracelet, effective from road nausea, is a novelty that has recently appeared in our pharmacies. It is put on the wrist area where the special point is located. With pressure on her nausea passes.

  • No less interesting is a motion sickness patch with essential oils, which is available without a prescription. Suitable for kids over 3 years old.
  • If you are traveling in your car, eliminate the fuel leakage in the car (strong unpleasant smells of gasoline contribute to motion sickness), try to carry out wet cleaning in it, remove the car flavors (they are only worse), do not smoke in the cabin! If possible, go smoothly, at the same speed, as constant braking increases nausea.
  • Make private stops. Some children may drive for half an hour or an hour before they start to get dizzy from driving in vehicles. Sometimes it is worth taking a short break to calmly continue driving.

From home remedies, these are also suitable:

  1. deep breathing;
  2. singing while riding, especially joint: it distracts and makes you breathe deeply;
  3. if dizziness begins, put the child down, wipe his face with water and put a moist compress on his forehead.

Before you travel, consult your pediatrician about pharmacy drugs that alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness. The doctor may prescribe effective pills, homeopathic lozenges, drops; advice to ride on a swing, trampoline, dance, which strengthen the organs of balance. Sometimes vomiting in a child can be caused by a viral disease, food poisoning, so take a look at the baby on the road, perhaps the cause of poor health is not in a weak vestibular apparatus.

We hope that the methods proposed by us for motion sickness will help your children and you to overcome long distances without any discomfort!

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