Where Cheap To Relax On The Sea In The Summer Of 2019

Where Cheap To Relax On The Sea In The Summer Of 2019

Few can afford luxury vacations abroad. But everyone wants to relax in some beautiful place. In this article, you will find out the answer to the question, where is cheap to rest on the sea in the summer of 2019? Our editorial board has prepared for you the best options for summer holidays in beautiful places.

A huge number of people each year goes to sea. Summer vacations can be called the most common and convenient. Summer days allow us to bask in the warmth of the sun. Warm weather allows you to wear more comfortable and loose clothing. At this time, schoolchildren and students rest from classes in educational institutions. And parents take time off from work to spend time with their children.

Where Cheap To Relax On The Sea In The Summer Of 2019

Holidays in Russia

To rest on the sea, it is not necessary to go abroad. Within the country, there are many beautiful places that you can go with the whole family. There are a lot of seas in Russia, so you can visit different parts of the country and take a closer look at the sights. Moreover, in the home country, the cost of living is low and the infrastructure is well developed. You can have a good time not only on the beach.

On the territory of the Russian Federation 4 seas are located at once:

  • Black;
  • Azov;
  • Caspian;
  • Baltic;

As you can see, there is something to choose from. In addition, on each of the seas, there are inexpensive but comfortable places for guests. As for the cities, so many of them are quite attractive. They have developed infrastructure, there is a variety of entertainment for children and adults, but to rest in them is too expensive. Therefore, you can give preference to small resort villages. Among them it is worth noting:

  • Arkhipov-Osipovka – the village is located in the bay, on the shores of the Black Sea. It is protected from the wind by the mountains. This is quite an attractive place. Many tourists visit it, but there are no crowds of people in it, as in large resort towns. In this village, there is something to see, in addition to the beach.
  • Anapa villages – there are several villages near Anapa. They are quite quiet, with clean beaches and a variety of entertainment. Lovers spending time in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere will be just right.
  • Villages on the shores of the Azov Sea – will be able to please you with beaches with a flat bottom, shallow depth. As well as many different grocery and souvenir shops. There are small amusement parks and other entertainment.
  • Astrakhan is a fairly large and noisy city on the shores of the Caspian Sea. It has a well-developed infrastructure, but living is more expensive than in the villages.
  • Zelenogorsk – this city on the Baltic Sea will delight you with white sand. Accommodation here is not too expensive, regardless of the number of guests.

These options are the cheapest. They are more suitable for people with a limited budget. So if you are tired of city noise, we suggest you pay attention to the first options in this list. The latter are excellent places for people with an average budget.

If you want to visit more attractive cities, we recommend you spend time:

  • In Sochi;
  • On the Crimean peninsula;
  • In Anapa;
  • Yalta

Each of these resort towns is beautiful in its own way. Although the prices of food and accommodation are a bit expensive in them than in the villages, you can have a great time. Together with you, you can take the children and spend the summer holidays in a beautiful setting, with quality service. To be able to purchase an inexpensive package, you need to keep track of discounts and promotions for certain destinations.

Where Cheap To Relax On The Sea In The Summer Of 2019

Cheap vouchers abroad

Every person wants to go abroad at least once. But the ticket to popular overseas cities is very expensive. Most people cannot afford to buy it. Therefore, they are looking for cheaper options. Many countries in Europe, Asia and America are able to offer cheap tours. Among them it is worth noting:

  • Bulgaria – in this country you will find everything familiar: cuisine, language, and so on. It has many different attractions. Bulgaria is located on the Balkan Peninsula. There are all the conditions for a full-time pastime. A huge number of tourists come here. They have attracted not only flight tours but also winter. In addition to exploring the beaches in Bulgaria, you can go on an excursion, visit scenic places and so on.
  • Georgia is not only the sea, the mountains, and the most delicious cuisine. Prices here are just as reasonable as they were many years ago. And the people are friendly and hospitable. Many Georgians know Russian well, so there will be no problems with misunderstanding. The main seaside resort of the country is Batumi. The beaches of the city are equipped with everything necessary for tourists.
  • Turkey is one of the most visited countries during the summer season. The coast of Turkey is washed by 4 seas at once. The state is able to offer its tourists a lot of sightseeing tours. Depending on your financial capabilities, on the Internet on different systems, you can book an inexpensive ticket to visit this wonderful and beautiful state.
  • Thailand – the most exotic country, while well known and accessible. In Thailand, you can admire tropical beaches, many luxurious royal palaces, and ancient ruins. Here you will have plenty of opportunities for a variety of entertainment. It is best to go here in February or March. Since in the coming months you will expect rainy weather.
  • Vietnam – here you can relax at any time of the year. Many tourists like this state even more than Thailand. One of the reasons is the kitchen. Food prices and other goods are lower here than in the previous exotic country.

We have selected for you the directions, tours for which are sold the cheapest. If you get to the sale of tickets or become a participant in the action, it is quite possible to save even more on the purchase. It is worth noting that you need to take care of buying a voucher in advance. The sooner you get it, the cheaper it will cost.

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