Celebrate Valentine in Giverny, the most romantic garden in France

Valentine in Giverny
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For those who celebrate Valentine’s Day and are planning a romantic getaway, we recommend you to visit one of the most romantic gardens in France: Giverny. The gardens are located in the house of the impressionist painter Claude Monetand retain an extraordinary beauty. Once there you can visit his house and the Musée des Impressionnismes.

Valentine in Giverny
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The gardens of Giverny are located in Monet’s house (which can also be visited), in the village that bears the same name in Normandy. The town caught the attention of Monet, where he decided to rent a house and later buy it. Little by little he was building the gardens he would later paint. The Impressionist painter lived in Giverny from 1883 until his death in 1926. The best artists of the period were the artists of the time: Sargent, Renoir, Matisse, Cézanne, Pissarro …

The gardens are divided into two parts: the garden le Clos Normand and Le Jardin D’Eau. Le Clos Normand is a garden full of flowers of different types, there are also parterres, fruit trees, climbing roses, malvarrosas … In the garden of one hectare more humble plants coexist with rarer species. Monet advocated letting plants and flowers grow freely and naturally. Monet was a big garden enthusiast, so the painter applied his pictorial skills to create perspective effects.

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Le Jardin D’Eau is a garden of Japanese inspiration where water has a major role. The painter was fascinated by the play of lights and reflections of the clouds on the water. In fact, many of his paintings reflect that fascination. In 1893, he purchased another land located at the bottom of the other garden to create the “water garden”. He built a Japanese bridge inspired by some of his engravings to communicate both gardens.

The garden has an oriental atmosphere and is full of Asian plants. There are bamboo, ginkgo biloba, maple, Japanese lilies, shrub peonies and weeping willows … Finally, there are the water lilies and water lilies that are located in the pond. Monet’s favorite area. In fact, Monet dedicated to them a cycle of oil paintings called “Les nymphéas”. He came to paint more than 250 pictures where the absolute protagonists were the water lilies.

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