The Monteverde ziplines: Enjoy the Canopy in Costa Rica

Canopy in Costa Rica

The canopy in Costa Rica is undoubtedly one of the activities that attract the most tourists to the country.

Throughout the entire geography of Costa Rica, we will find several points where companies will offer us zip lines and extreme activities that trigger our adrenaline.

Costa Rica is probably one of the most beautiful places on the planet to perform these activities. The immense jungle landscapes and endless natural beauty make this activity to be enjoyed in an incomparable way.

We will find canopy tours in the area of Puerto Viejo. Next, we will go to the jungles that flow into the Caribbean Sea.

The area of Tortuguero with its huge closed forests is another place where we can enjoy the canopy. But I will say, it may not be the best point to enjoy landscapes while doing this activity.

Canopy in Costa Rica

Zip lines in the middle of the jungle

In the surroundings of the Arenal Volcano, in the area of La Fortuna, we can enjoy some of the most picturesque landscapes of the country. Previous access in a gondola through the jungle, you reach the highest point. Here begins a carousel of zip lines from where we can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Arenal Volcano.

Another place is in the vicinity of Manuel Antonio National Park to enjoy canopy in Costa Rica. There are companies with several lines of the canopy, rappel and other activities of adrenaline lovers.

Finally in Monteverde and starting from the town of Santa Elena there are several companies that offer different routes in the vicinity of the cloud forest.

The dense jungles and the deep valleys offer us without a doubt one of the most spectacular views of Costa Rica. In this particular area, the different canopy companies have taken great pains to develop a wide offer that is not suitable for people with a sensitive heart. Endless zip lines, Tarzan jumps, rappel, bungee and other similar options will not let us get bored.

In our visit to Monteverde, we did not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy this canopy in Costa Rica.

Companies such as Selvatura Adventure Park, Sky Adventures Monteverde Park, The Original Canopy Tour and some others scattered around the area were enough to get our teeth long.

Canopy in Costa Rica

Monteverde Extremo Park

We finally opted for Monteverde Extremo Park.


Well, you see, there were several reasons.

First of all, we had the possibility to choose between morning or afternoon schedule. In the mornings there is usually less risk of rain, but the morning is the ideal time to visit the flora and fauna of the surroundings. For that reason, we thought that in the afternoon we would be better. And also a possible rain enters into the adventure.

The next attraction was the fact that they came to pick us up directly to the hotel to move us to the place of departure.

But what we chose for Monteverde Extremo Park was the variety of zip lines that are on your route.

Canopy in Costa Rica

Up to 16 cables doing canopy.

Here we come to the best canopy in Costa Rica. The first ones are small test leads with lengths between 20 and 100 meters.

Once warmed up, we found several cables of more than 400 meters that fly over the trees and that often also immerse us inside the jungle.

Fatigue begins to take its toll after an hour of continuous rise and fall. And then they surprise us with a Tarzan jump that triggers our adrenaline again at a thousand per hour.

The 60 m fall ensures screams of all colors. Do not miss the video with the subsequent swinging to the nearest trees.

Another pair of cables through the interior of the emerald forest and we find a descent in rappel of 30 m.

And when you think you’re at the end, you find the longest zip line you can find around here. A cable of more than 1000 meters that flies over a valley covered with trees, more than 100 meters below us.

Not only that, this cable, which they call Superman, we will cross in flight position, with the head ahead and contemplating the whole journey and the landscape from a privileged position (and dizzying!).

The last section is a new surprise. It is a tunnel 200 meters long to finish the job. We have become accustomed to the speeds of the previous cables. But the feeling of doing it in the dark is a fantastic climax for a day of adventure.

Half frantic day where we enjoy as children and how well you fall asleep afterward… totally exhausted!

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