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Buzios is a small fishing village that became a beach resort in great demand by the Argentineans. So in this travel blog we tell you what to do in Buzios to enjoy this destination to the fullest.

Buzios is so acclaimed tourism, which some call “the Saint-Tropez of Brazil.” If you come from Rio de Janeiro, the easiest and cheapest option is to take the micro 1001 that will leave you in the center of Buzios. Upon arriving you will find a haven of tranquility, low houses and fishing boats, which invite you to relax and enjoy the sun.

Each of the beaches of Buzios has something to offer. The most popular are João Fernandes, with its colorful hostels food, ideal to taste typical food of the region; Ferradura, with its clear and calm waters that favor the practice of snorkel or stand up (this popular activity that is people paddling, stops on a surfboard); Tartaruga, one of the most sought after by the warm water temperature; and Geribá, ideal for riding a wave on a surfboard.

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You can visit them all during your trip, or choose one and stay with that. That’s it! It is important to note that some beaches have icy waters because they grip the currents from the South Pole, while others have warm waters because they receive equatorial currents.

We recommend that you check before booking your hotels in Buzios, since many of them offer you free transfer to different beaches depending on the day of the week. That is, you have the chance to tour a beach (or more) per day and no charge.

There are also boat rides leaving the port and take you to explore different beaches of Buzios, making stops for “mergulhar” (snorkel) with various activities, games and waterslides. A good alternative to know these waters!

Another popular way to explore all the beaches of Buzios is to rent a buggy. They are very popular and they’ll be very useful to get around the city.

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At dusk, we recommend a walk along the harbor and see the beautiful scenery of the sunset from the coast or from one of the small bars. Here you will find the famous statue of Brigitte Bardot, the French artist who used to vacation on these beaches.

When choosing accommodation, you will notice that there are a lot of hotels in Buzios with options for all tastes, from family to hotels with all the luxuries. If you chose not yet yours, checks with the location and tratá that is near the center, as there almost all restaurants, shops, bars and nightclubs are concentrated place. In addition, you can take advantage and purchase your package packages (flight + hotel) so you save some money.

What to do in Buzios night?

Most of the nighttime activities are concentrated in the pedestrian Rua das Pedras. Few blocks away, but here’ll find everything! A typical bar where sip a caipirinha or “cerveja gelada” discos to dance the night away to the beat of the best DJs; and of course, hundreds of street performers, ranging from living statues and capoeira shows to dances axé.

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