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major continent
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Hello travelers! I have the intention to show a particular site of each of the continents that form wonderful planet earth today. It is very difficult to select a single site, but I would like to highlight some places for me are really gorgeous and would like to go.

If we were forced to choose a place on every continent to go it would probably be one of these…

Glaciers Franz Josef and Fox: Found in the oceanic continent, within the Westland National Park, south of New Zealand. It is an amazing place, in addition to glaciers, there are lakes with stunning views and a rainforest to go, where we can find several species of large mammals, including deer and are chamois.

Jiuzhaigou Valley: Besides find in our dreams, in reality is located in Sichuan Province, south of China, in Asia. This incredible valley is composed of hundreds of colors that bathe beautiful waterfalls and lagoons in a wonderful shade. It is a nature reserve in which any pictures you get will be one of the best images that we portray.

major continent
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Namibia desert: Located on the African continent, is the oldest desert in the world! There since the extinction of the dinosaurs and is the only desert in Africa in which they live elephants, rhinos, giraffes and lions, among other 150 species of animals. Tours of the desert begin at 5 am to see the sunrise.

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Venice of the North, Stockholm: It is the capital of Sweden, located in Europe, is one of the most beautiful cities in the old continent. Stands out for its beauty, its grand architecture, the many parks and canals which feature that make it really interesting and for sure we will surprise you.

The ruins of Machu Picchu: This masterpiece is located in Peru, Americas. It was declared one of the new wonders of the world. The splendid we know doing the Inca Trail that lasts between 3 and 4 days, where we will soak the old culture, then tour the ruins and admire this great wonder.

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