A First Timers Guide to What to Expect on an African Safari

A safari in Africa is the trip of a lifetime and is an unforgettable and magical experience. But if this is your first time going on safari, you will want to remember it for the right reasons!  It is a popular choice for people looking to escape the colder weather here in the UK. The temperatures are very appealing and as long as you have contacted your Gloucester Boiler Service company like hprservicesltd.com you can be assured of tropical temperatures in your home over the winter period.

Here are a few things to remember before you jet off to the wild and enchanting land of Africa on your first Safari…

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Clothing – A safari is not a fashion show – although it will be hot, don’t pack as if you are heading to the beach in Spain! You won’t need any formal clothing, after all clothing needs to be useful to you when you are out and about, and comfortable. Stick to neutral colours for watching wildlife. Although it will be hot, there may well be some rain so don’t forget to pack a lightweight waterproof jacket – there are plenty of waterproof rain covers around at the moment with festival season coming up, you don’t need anything too heavy and thick. Comfortable footwear such as walking boots are essential – nothing with open toes is a good idea. You never know what your feet may come across if you are trekking through Africa, and you may well come across a poisonous snake, or a nasty stinging plant. It is important to pack items for the evenings when the weather can become incredibly warm.

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Be aware of the sun – A wide brimmed hat is a must for the day, as you will be out and about often in the full glare of the hot sun. Also, don’t forget a high factor sun cream and insect repellent. It can get a little chilly at night, so you may want to take a fleece with you in case you do feel the cold in the evenings. Make sure that you have a water bottle that you have access to throughout the day to keep you hydrated too – you don’t want to end up dehydrated with sunstroke and miss out on part of your amazing trip. Take a good camera if you want to record on film the amazing animals that you come across and take some memories home with you.

The most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself and be patient – part of the joy of safari is the surprises and if you don’t see as much as you had hoped on one day, you may see a spectacular sight the next. So remember to pack your binoculars!






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