8 most romantic places in Spain to escape with your partner

romantic places in Spain

A few days or just a few hours can be enough to live an unforgettable experience as a couple. Those who wish to create the best memories should escape to these more romantic places in Spain. The most beautiful corners where simply, you breathe love.

Surely, each country has its own places to receive the most in love, today we will take care of Spain. And although it is difficult to make a limited selection, some Spanish destinations are to emphasize.

8 most romantic places in Spain

1. The Balearic Islands

romantic places in Spain

Key points between Ibiza and Formentera promise a truly exciting couple getaway. Sailing at sunset, while the sky is dyed in different colors, becomes something magical.

A favorable place to give the loved one a horizon together. Embraced, cup in hand,  can wait for the night and seal with a kiss this great love story.

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2. Granada

romantic places in Spain

A city very was chosen by tourists from all over the world for its beautiful architecture and typical food of high quality. Among the most romantic places in Spain, this town has a lot of publicity.

Those who are fortunate enough to get there cannot miss the beauty of the Alhambra. Go as a couple to see a historic monument recognized by UNESCO, is a plan desired by all. And beyond the importance for later talks with friends, it is truly a special experience.

3. Teruel

romantic places in Spain

Some people need to disconnect from routines and daily stresses. They are the ones who, generally, prefer a quiet destination with few people. The plan is to go to rest, relax and connect with one and with the partner.

This small town of Aragon has witnessed the walks and cuddles of great lovers of history. Politicians, celebrities, and people of royalty have chosen to love each other in peace.

Any day, arriving at the Plaza de Teruel and seeing the statue of Diego Martinez de Marcilla and Isabel de Segura, is pure romanticism. It is approaching one of the most tender manifestations of a love of antiquity.

4. Seville

romantic places in Spain

Definitely one of the most romantic places in Spain is the Calle de Los Besos, in Seville. A narrow alley where the first thing to do is indulge in kisses.

This moment that you can share in the deepest intimacy, is accompanied by the best environment. It is not necessary to plan your place for the meeting or buy accessories. In Seville, everything is naturally done.

The best floral aroma in its streets, the sound generated by the number of sources are witnesses for themselves.

5. Santiago de Compostela

romantic places in Spain

Another Spanish destination that exudes tranquility and harmony to those who visit it. In it, all the activities that are carried out are romantic and exclusive. And this is much more visible if you can go on your partner’s arm.

They have the option of tasting a good Spanish meal in a tavern. Then walk to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela to bless the relationship. And to end the day, throw yourself on the floors of Cape Finisterre to see the sun.

6. Park Guell

romantic places in Spain

In the highest part of Barcelona, Antonio Gaudi left reflected one of the most beautiful parks in the world. Enter the Mirador del Castillo to observe all corners of the city, it’s a movie.

Ideal for those couples who want to feel like movie stars. At Park Guell, they have the opportunity to play together in a different environment. An impressive product with its architectural and artistic appeal. A sample of what nature and human creativity can coexist peacefully.

7. Palma de Mallorca

romantic places in Spain

The best hotel room overlooking the sea in Palma de Mallorca guarantees an exclusive getaway. In high season they will be surrounded by visitors from all cardinal points. However, in the low season, you can enjoy the beach with more privacy.

Go for a walk, run or jump in the sand to look at the sky gives the most beautiful moments of relaxation. Who did not dream of wandering aimlessly listening to the sound of the sea on her boyfriend’s arm?

8. The Flysch

romantic places in Spain

The Flysch route, in northern Spain, has been the scene of a wedding on the big screen. The cliffs that have been formed by inserting soft and hard materials are truly impressive.

At the edge of one of these is an old and small church in which the most romantic choose to marry. If you have not made the decision yet, maybe they will when you get there.

To which of these places would you like to make a getaway with your partner?

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