7 the oldest and most beautiful coffees in the world

Beautiful coffees
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We love to get restaurants and cafes in addition to breakfast, lunch or have brunch, have cared interior design to the limit. Many of these local drink their sources of historicist style cafes that have been open many decades.

So today, we take a look back and review seven of the oldest and most famous coffees in the world. Cafes are a true tribute to vintage objects and decoration Do we accompany this tour of some of the oldest and most beautiful coffees in the world.

Café Central Vienna

We started our tourné by some of the world’s oldest and cafes in Vienna, and more specifically, in the elegant Café Central. Really, Vienna is a super elegant city, and this coffee is not going to be less. For their classrooms have passed personalities like Sigmund Freud, Alfred Polgar or Leon Trotsky, being a meeting place for literati and the Viennese intelligentsia, and its columns and lamps, still offer coffee and excellent pastries despite more than 150 years have passed since its opening.

New York Café Budapest

Many are calling it the world’s most elegant coffee. In addition, the truth is that it is no wonder .The gold, its twisted columns; frescoes by Gusztav Mannheimer and Ferenc Eisenhut, chandeliers … create a perfect place to spend an afternoon dazzle and the most cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Grand Café Gambrinus

A throughout the world there are dozens of cafes with this name, but as the Grand Café Gambrinus Naples, there is none. With more than century of history behind it, this coffee has been a meeting place for politicians, writers and artists. Curiously, this cafe was forced to close its doors in 1938 to be considered antifascists shelter, reopening again in the 70s.

Cafe Majestic Porto

The beautiful Portuguese decadence comes alive at Cafe Majestic Porto. A cafe opened in 1921 and, like the rest of his teammates period, was visited by artists, writers and politicians. Its facade, with its windows, and is a perfect place to spend your doors and enjoy the atmosphere of this cafe decorated with mármboles and sculptures, and which say that JK Rowling wrote on their tables chapters of Harry Potter.

Cafe Florian in Venice

It is a typical picture of tourists visiting Venice. Its façade and salons have left thousands of photos. In addition, certainly not for less. Located in the Plaza de San Marcos, the Cafe Florian has its roots in the distant 1720, and is of incomparable beauty only to the delights served and prices they have. For the tables of the dining rooms decorated in different styles have passed personalities like Balzax, Lord Byron or Goethe.

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Café de la Paix in Paris

Columns, elegant lamps, columns, sculptures, fine woods and magnificent friezes and moldings are some of the elements that will leave your mouth open in one of the most famous cafes in the French capital. Located next to the City Opera, they have passed through the likes of Tchaikovsky, Rousseau and Emile Zola.

Confeitaria Colombo in Rio de Janeiro

From the old Europe we jump to Brazil to meet the Confeitaria Colombo, a confectionery colonial style opened in 1894 in Rio de Janeiro, with its art nouveau furniture, its tremendous Belgian mirrors, glass shelves, wood jacaranda and Italian marbles. The soil has become one of the symbols of this historic property.

Undoubtedly, there are many more cafes we have left in this small compilation and also deserve to be on a list of these features Do you dare to recommend one of those coffees that are not listed and for its beauty and aesthetics also they might be?

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