6 Best destinations for honeymoon

destinations for honeymoon

When we think of the first trip as spouses, it is normal to imagine the typical beach postcard of the Caribbean or Southeast Asia with its white sands and crystal clear waters.

But of course, there are other options according to our tastes and even our budget. In this article, we will tell you which are the best destinations for honeymoon. So you can decide with time.

What are the most recommended destinations for honeymoon?

Before planning your trip newlywed and decide on the right place, it is essential to follow the ‘golden rules’ so that everything goes great. First of all,  think about what you want to do and what your expectations are about your stay: if you want to rest, meet, sleep, spend many hours in the hotel room having sex, etc.

The second rule: “the honeymoon is to rest and connect with each other”. Of course, this requires a disconnection with everything else. No work, family, friends or problems. And finally, take advantage of those days to spend time together. When you return to the routine this will be the exception to the rule. Now, the best destinations for honeymoon are:

1. Maldives

destinations for honeymoon

We start with an option that is not affordable at all, but that you may love, especially if the guests have ‘helped’ to pay for the honeymoon, something more and more frequent. The Maldives Islands are known for their transparent waters and private bungalows for swimming without walking to the beach.

Watch the sunrise or sunset from the window of the room embraced with your partner is one of the best plans in this place. Undoubtedly, they will have a wonderful time and will not want to return home.

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2. Paris

Best destinations for honeymoon

Of course, could not miss ‘the city of love’ among the best destinations for honeymoon . If both you and your boyfriend (future husband) are urban people who like history, art or gastronomy, then the French capital is the best option.

Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, cross several of the bridges over the Seine river, take a boat ride, taste a delicious creme brulee or some macarons with a coffee, walk the Champs Elysees … there are thousands of things to do in a couple in Paris. And if you have some time left … Do not hesitate to visit the majestic Palace of Versailles on the outskirts of the city!

3. California (and vicinity)

Best destinations for honeymoon

The west coast of the United States is perfect for a couple who like to go from here to there while enjoying cities, beaches, parks national and even betting. To make a route through California (and also include Nevada), we recommend that you travel at least three weeks.

Los Angeles and San Francisco are the metropolises that you can not miss; If you like the natural life we advise you to go to the Yosemite National Park or the famous Colorado Canyon. And of course, do not miss the Santa Monica beach and the fabulous Las Vegas. You can take a tour of the legendary Route 66 and its motels!

4. Botswana

Best destinations for honeymoon

If you consider yourself a pair of adventurers from head to toe, then a safari in Africa may be the best choice among the destinations for honeymoon. It is true that the cost is quite high, but it is worth every penny.

There are many options for safaris for this continent (like for example in the Serengeti or in the Kruger), however, Botswana is perfect because at the moment it is not so famous. The fauna is not affected by hordes of tourists who want to meet the ‘big 5’ and can enjoy a few quiet days in full contact with nature.

5. Greece

destinations for honeymoon

For beautiful beaches, you do not have to travel that far. Greece is one of those places that stay engraved in our heart forever. After touring Athens and its thousands of years old history, including the Parthenon, we recommend you travel to any of its fabulous islands.

Mykonos is the most famous, but not the only … all have something special and you can travel several on the same day on board a cruise. A fascinating experience!

6. Argentine Patagonia

Best destinations for honeymoon

For those who ‘escape’ from the heat of summer, they can change the hemisphere during their honeymoon and enjoy the beautiful snowy mountains of southern Argentina.

Patagonia is a region of hundreds of kilometers where we can enjoy glaciers, lakes, forests, ski centers and wildlife watching, which includes whales, penguins and sea lions.

Although it is another of the destinations for honeymoon more expensive and that requires a certain stay (no minimum two weeks), the truth is that you will return fascinated by the natural beauty that you have observed. We recommend a route through the ‘seven lakes’, a walk through the city of Bariloche and a tour of the Perito Moreno glacier.

As you can see, honeymoon destinations are there for all tastes … And we can choose something different from the beach! The success lies in deciding as a couple and take into account what they both like.

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