6 Amazing tips for family trips in summer

trips in summer

Everyone loves to travel on family trips in summer, and this is a pleasure that should not be left aside, since having children does not mean radically renouncing it. Today many sites offer activities dedicated to children and hotels and apartments are more equipped for the stay with children. A holiday with babies and children requires more care and attention, but that does not mean they should become boring and uncomfortable.

Here we write some tips for family trips in summer

One or more small children should not represent a headache when planning family trips in summer. Many parents, worried about the luggage, the behavior of the children or the stay, choose to stay at home, which is not the solution either. There are many solutions and alternatives, such as spending a few days in the mountains or on the beach with the children. Children do not have to be a limitation or an impediment to travel, but a reason to spend altogether a fun and unforgettable family vacation. Traveling with children is not easy, because there are more limitations, but the important thing is to maintain the illusion, take some precautions, organize, and have a lot of fun. The holidays are to relax and let go of the pressures of daily life.

Preparations for family trips in summertrips in summer

First of all, do not forget that the most important thing of all is to plan the trip in advance. Choose the destination, the means of transport, plan trips and above all, prepare the luggage in advance. For this, a good advice is to make a list of the needs of each one. On the one hand, those of the parents, and on the other those of the baby or the child.

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What to bring in the baby’s suitcase?

But what to bring in the baby’s suitcase? These are some basic ones that cannot be missing in all children’s luggage:

– Travel cot (if it is a baby).

– Thermos.

– Bottle warmer (for babies).

– Pacifiers.

– Favorite toy of each child.

– Bath towels, soap, comb, brush, cologne, moisturizer, sunscreen, diapers, wet wipes, plastic bags, and bibs.

– Medicine kit: with medicines, analgesics, plasters, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, thermometer, scissors, gauze, cotton, and tape.

– Social Security card or private health insurance, along with the baby’s vaccination card.

– Clothing: it is advisable to put a set for each day in the suitcase. It is important to carry some extra change for the baby.

Travel by car with the whole family trips in summertrips in summer

If the means of transport chosen is the car, it is advisable to take water, a changing mat, diapers, and wipes, among some of the basic ones. It is also important to bring a story, a toy, a cushion, children’s songs to encourage children, as well as something to eat. If a child feels nauseous, it is very useful to carry a plastic bag during the journey. It is necessary to stop every two hours, since, it is advisable for everyone to stretch their legs and the driver to rest his sight.

For children to be distracted along the way you can encourage them singing, telling stories, playing charades. Regarding child road safety, it is very important that children carry the appropriate safety seats at their age. Every four days a child loses his life in a traffic accident. These safety measures are the most effective measure to prevent traffic accidents

Travel by plane with children

If the means of transport chosen by the family to travel on their vacations is the plane, they must carry the essentials to change, feed or drink the children. It is advisable to know that children under two years of age do not have the right to a seat, and they will go over the father or the mother. Despite this, they have a safety belt appropriate to their age. Some airlines have seats for carrying small cribs for babies, and others offer games specially designed for small and large children.

Traveling by train with children and babiestrips in summer

There is nothing more pleasant for children than a train trip. If the journey is very long, you can use a sleeper car to sleep. Children love to travel by train because they can enjoy the landscapes that they are traveling along the way. However, compared to the car or airplane, it is heavier, since it takes longer and can be more uncomfortable if you travel with very young children.

Where to sleep on trips with children and babies

Hotel or apartment? This is the question that many families consider when traveling. Families with babies usually opt for an apartment, since they have more freedom and fewer limitations than in a hotel, while families with children over 3 years old usually opt for hotels.

Another good alternative is the rural houses, nothing better to rest than nature and the environment. Also, the more adventurous can choose to spend the holidays at a campsite. Children love it because they have more freedom to play, know and learn.

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