5 Tricks to save looking for a flight to New York

Fly to New York
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Are many people you send emails asking us how to save when looking for a flight to New York. I’m not going to lie, New York is a sweet destination that is in high demand. Still, it is always possible to apply some tricks when flying to the Big Apple. Agobiéis Do not give yourselves up and running in an agency that apply unnecessary margin! Self today is sucked find cheap and if you need help, we give ourselves indications.

Fly to New York
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Be flexible on dates

Yes dear friends, I think this is the main factor that we look for when searching for a flight. Those who can fly only on bridges, feasts like Christmas or Easter, they have hard to find tickets at a good price. So the first thing is to have complete freedom to search our trip.

Search offseason

Indeed, although New York is a city of tourism throughout the year, there are certain months where low demand and you can find real bargains. If you fulfill the first point, then you can start looking for the two months more to save money advise: January and February.Yes, because it will prepare quite cold.

Select the most appropriate day of the week

Another factor that may seem silly, greatly affects the time to find a flight. It is best to find the flight on Sunday or Monday. Do not ask why, but from my experience starting with the trip during those two days, often find cheaper flights.

Influences the number of days

Obviously I’m not going to tell you to go to New York one day because you will be cheaper, but if you can take more than a week have options to reduce the price. A good idea may be to go to New York a few days and explore other areas for which few others will reductions budget.

Use a suitable tool

Do not leave directly to companies or online travel agencies. It is best to use a flight comparison that shows the prices of different companies where they can compare and see different dates. We use the tool much that we show below (Skyscanner), because it allows you flexible dates (including full months) and so making combinations can go back and forth to find better prices.

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