27 things to do in London if you are twenty

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The best things in life are free, said the Beatles, but we all know that’s not always true. Especially when you set foot in an immensely expensive city like London and you see, my God, you’re still on a tight budget.

Do not panic. It may all cost a kidney in London, but there is still scope for enjoying your cultural and leisure scene spending as little as possible. Or nothing at all. We give you some ideas for you to get it.

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1) Drink a pint: The place where Charles Dickens set some scenes of The posthumous papers of the Pickwick Club, Bram Stoker some of Dracula and even the poet Keats dedicated verses to a bird that inhabited in garden. Pure history for the price of a pint.

2) Go to The Scoop Theater in Southwark: An amphitheater of stone that offers you an alternative and rich scene, especially during the summer months: movies, live music, events of all kinds, live sports, etc.

3) If you are a fan of science: Visit the Science Museum or the Natural History Museum , both in South Kensington and with free admission.

4) Submerge in the Barbicam: One of the largest multi-cultural spaces in Europe and the place where you can enjoy daily free exhibitions, historical tours (free of charge) and all kinds of events that will cost nothing.

5) Strolling through all these art galleries free: Guildhall Art Gallery, Serpentine Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery, Wallace Collection and South London Gallery.

6) Photograph some of the 630 deer in Richmond Park or enjoy this incomparable natural environment for free.

7) Learn a lot of interesting things in the lectures that are imparted daily in The British Academy.

8) Visit the church of St. James in Piccadilly, which has recitals to eat three days a week totally free.

9) If you are a fan of fashion and decorative arts, do not miss the Victoria & Albert Museum in South Kensington.

10) Discover that the city itself is a museum and take a tour of all its street works. Here you will find all the information you need to not miss one.

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11) See London from the heights and feel as if you were the owner of a great skyscraper from the Sky Garden. Reservations can be made at the famous building at 20 Fenchurch Street.

12) Walk between the market stalls Borough Market any Saturday and savor some of the delights that are sold there.

13) Enjoy free live music at The Bedford. At Balham, the place where Ed Sheeran’s career began.

14) Buy books without paying at the BooksForFree store, at Stratford Center (you can take up to 12 at a time).

15) Immerse yourself in the dark and tremendously interesting past of the city at the Museum of London.

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16) Play the Monopoly all over the city: In this tour made especially by Google you can visit each and every property of the Monopoly (UK version, of course) and play a virtual game of the most unheard of.

17) Tour the city by bicycle: Yes, the London transport is many and take you everywhere, but from your bike everything seems different and in services like Santander Cycles you can enjoy up to 30 minutes free at the beginning.

18) Observe the native fauna in Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park.

19) Take one of the most famous skate parks in the country, very close to South Bank and Queen Elizabeth Hall. Graffiti territory too.

20) Stroll through the Golders Green Crematorium and visit the tomb of Bram Stoker.

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21) More live music at one of the world’s largest venues, the Gladstone Arms of Borough. Not everyone knows they offer free concerts in one of the bars three nights a week.

22) Take a classic and very English teacup in Twinnings Tea Shop and Museum in 216 of The Strand. One of the original tea houses still preserved in the city (and the first Twinings tea was marketed in 1706). The back room of the shop is a museum where you can try different teas, usually free of charge.

23) Classical music and free choir in the church of St Martin-in-the-Field (although donations are accepted).

24) Explore the city to discover where the Nomad Market sits every day. You can also check their website to find out their exact location at that time and prepare for an unusual dining experience.

25) For the fans of the opera: enjoy in the inner courtyard in Covent Garden free performances that will make your hair as scarves.

26) Observe birds and other species in Camley Street Natural Park.

27) Enjoy a free yoga meditation class at The London Buddhist Center in Bethnal Green (accept donations).

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