25 tips for traveling solo

Traveling solo
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Traveling alone usually is scary, especially the first time. We think we can happen something dangerous, we cannot understand with the locals who will weigh us solitude, it will be hard to meet people

But it’s not like that! Obviously, there are certain risks associated with travel, but are not much higher to go alone. Also, if you miss companionship, you can always meet people in your destination (we’ll show it is easier than you think). And you know that the advantages of traveling unaccompanied are endless: you can enjoy the freedom to choose your own path without having to give explanations, making and unmaking as you wish; will allow you to know yourself and amazing people, and eventually live an experience of those that change your life Here are some tips for you to get in the kindest way possible…

1) Find out the most dangerous or problematic in the area you will visit. With this you diminish feel the fear that seems inevitably linked to travel alone.

2) Do not mountains movies. And by that I mean that most places are no more dangerous than your own town (some probably be much less so), so do not let your imagination projected movie scenes of horror every time you go out or let that idea prevent you travel alone.

3) It is normal to be nervous before embarking on a solo trip, as is normal to be before making any extraordinary thing in life. Do not worry! If you need help, there will always be someone willing to lay you a hand, no matter where you are.

4) If you climb into a cab and you’re afraid to do too long route, look for yourself your destination in Google Maps. So you see where you’re going, if they deviate much, and how long it should take to reach approximately. You can also give yourself directions, like you know the way, or explain that you have the detailed route beforehand, with what you already know what to expect.

5) The shelters, hostels and bed and breakfasts are better than the hotels to meet other people traveling alone. Spend time in public areas and see how friendship arises.

6) If you prefer to sleep in a hotel room, but do not want to pay more than for a double (sometimes even you add a supplement to the bill for travel alone), you can make you look a roommate in tour operators.

7) If you want to meet people, be honest. It is better to show that you are nervous to try to take away the fears of a stroke and stay cut or think you’re a lunatic. Try: “Hey, do not normally do this because I am very shy, but I’m traveling alone and I would like to talk to someone here to ask you a few things about the area I sit down?” It seems silly, but it works. Do not you think you’d let you eat with you?

8) If you do not like to eat alone, do meals surfing Start looking restaurants with communal tables (a trick: type “communal table” in Google along with the city and see several options.). You can also sign up organized tastings or dinners, where everyone enters a turn at the same time -particulates- times in homes or even finds a partner for lunch.

9) When you get on public transport, smile and make eye contact with other passengers. So you will see that you are willing to chat – and will be easier talks. For long trips, you can also take a deck of cards and invite other passengers to play.

10) Join a guided tour or a course in something. It will be very easy to connect with your peers!

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11) Enlist a trip for singles with a travel company. There are some companies that organize tours just for girls as well.

12) Search Internet for people with similar interests and stays with them. A very useful site for this is MeetUp, although you can also search forums traveler, like this TripAdvisor.

13) Dust off Tinder (or similar) and perhaps your trip into something more … Here you have more applications to link the go.

14) Do you know anyone in the city but do not have time to assist you, or have already returned to your country? Nothing happens: talk to him or her, you probably can get in touch with your friends!

15) If you leave your room, especially at night, leaving a note saying who and what time, more or less, expect to return. So at least someone will know where to look if something happens.

Traveling solo
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16) If you visit several different countries, get a free mobile to put a local SIM of each place. You’ll save money and you’ll always be connected when needed.

17) Do not come to new destinations at dusk, try to do it when it is still day, especially if you have not hired your place to sleep (it will be harder to find one, many facilities will be closed …) However, it is not advisable do it too early, especially if you want to go and rest in your accommodation, as there are many hostels and hotels that either did not have the reception, or may not give you a bed until 12:00.

18) If you feel that a “hustler” is harassing you too, be firm in your answers. If necessary, tell him you’ve been with someone very close to there, to know you’re not alone. Also, do not be afraid to speak up or mount a shtick if you feel you are in danger or someone is bothering you. Though not know your language, you will have sounded the alarm.

19) Keep a padlock to lock your bag, especially if you go to sleep in communal rooms with strangers. You might also be useful to have a chain to tie her to the bed or something similar, especially if you take things from the outside appear valuable (such as laptop cases).

20) Scan your passport and travel documents and important mandates your email. In this way, if you lost, you can easily make copies.

21) Bring music (it’ll take on the mobile) and a book to entertain the dead times. You can also download games to the phone that do not require internet connection, or carry a small console.

22) If you’re going to spend much time outside, or traveling beyond the borders, hire a medical travel insurance.

23) If you want to make a trip involving long walk or cycle routes but do not want to load all the time with your belongings, do not worry: there are several companies that carry your stuff from one to another stop. However, remember that it is usually best travel light!

24) Do you want to hitchhike? Perfect! Find out on the wiki hitchhiker if it’s a good idea to do at your destination.

25) Try to learn some basic words in the language of the country you visit, it will be useful to defend yourself or understand basic signs such as “hotel”, “forbidden” or “exit”. However, you can use mobile applications like Google Translate, which not only will help to make you understand, but can read and translate for you instantly posters just taking a picture.

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