25 things to do with children in New York

New York
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New York Traveling with children can be an adventure, but we assure you that there are many things to do in New York with the smallest.

When we think of New York with children we quickly come to mind places like the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State. But there are many other places where family and especially the little ones can enjoy a lot more. As a New Yorker I am going to recommend my favorite places to go with the whole family, and especially children will enjoy the most.

New York
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Lower Manhattan

Children’s Museum of Manhattan

The Children’s Museum of Manhattan (Children’s Museum of Manhattan), as you can guess, is designed by and for children; so they can see, touch and interact with the elements of the museum. This museum forces children to explore and learn using their imagination and creativity. One of the most famous exhibits is the Dora the Explorer and Diego, where children can learn about animals and their habitats. They can also learn more about Latin America and even fun to learn subjects like math and language.

Central Park Zoo

The Central Park Zoo is for the whole family! Although small, this zoo specializes in species that are not seen very often. My favorites are the penguins are in a giant tank with a strong smell. I love the pair of polar bears are always there even in summer. Surely this is the time of year to see sea lions, seals and penguins, as it is when caregivers feed them. The best thing about this zoo is that it is in the Central Park, making it an ideal occasion to walk or take a family picnic.

Roosevelt Island cable car

The Roosevelt Island cable car offers a unique and beautiful view of the East River, Manhattan and the Chrysler Building as the UN and western Queens. The cable car connects Queens with Manhattan and is in parallel with the Queensboro Bridge. For me it was an unforgettable experience and especially for children who will be able to enjoy a unique view. Although the trip only takes about 5 minutes it is more than enough to admire the beauty of New York skyscrapers. To mount only MetroCard is needed. In when they arrive at Roosevelt Island you can walk around it and then return to Manhattan.

Museum of Air, Sea and Space

Just two avenues of Times Square, crossing to the west, is the Museum of Air, Sea and Space (Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum). If your children are like me who love airplanes and space is a visit essential. It is a unique place because in addition to aircraft and a replica of the museum using only laymen also has a 4D Theater that uses all the senses to travel into space. Another presentation, which is for two people, can have the opportunity to fly a military plane. And today already in that area can go bowling at Bowlmor Lanes which is very close.

Build-A-Bear Workshop

If you are in the area of Times Square you have many shops like Hershey’s or M & M’s where children cover their fantasies (also adults, recognize him lol!) But there is nothing like the store of Build-A-Bear Workshop. This place allows small create and design their own dolls and teddy bears and other stuffed animals. It’s a fun experience to shop and take some home path. A place where children will be able to express their ideas in an original and very funny. I assure you that both children and adults will have fun!

Lego Store

The Lego store in the plaza of Rockefeller Center is the world’s largest. As you enter both children and adults come to have the same age.The interior of this store is spectacular and has an incredible distribution of parts. It is best that are sorted into distinct sections for construction and colors. It is a shop where children can spend hours and not get bored at any time. A smaller space is set to benefit insurance.

Dylan’s Candy Bar

Dylan’s Candy Bar is one of the most colorful and original stores in New York. Have you seen the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Well, this site has something similar to that collection of sweet. When you walk in you feel like a modern version of Willy Wonka. The store has candy, including candy and treats many flavors that are especially delicious! Children will be able to see a huge tree made ​​of candy and lollipop candy filled stairs.

One World Observatory

One of the newest attractions and fashionable right now is the viewpoint of the One World Tower is also one of the highest in the world. The observatory is located on the top three floors of the building and offers some of the most incredible views Manhattan. You can see from above the island at your feet and most iconic buildings. In the elevator I tell the story of how Manhattan has changed in different decades and notice be inside one of the world’s fastest elevators. So family united and ready to take the best pictures of your trip with a background where you have the skyline of New York and New Jersey.

SeaGlass Carousel

Do not forget to visit the SeaGlass Carousel in Battery Park, a nice way to end a visit to One World Observatory. It is a very special carousel and you can hop on different types of fish and a seahorse. This carousel is an attraction for children and not so young. It is advisable to visit at night because then you can see the lights that illuminate the fish. You may be a wait queue, but worth going and enjoy every minute.

Meow Parlour

If your children are not allergic to kittens then I present one of my favorite places: Meow ParlourThis is a place where parents can have coffee and children can play with kittens. New York now I can say that has it all, because until now lacked a cafe with cats. Children can play with them but remember that cats here are the bosses and they are free to take a nap or watch the customers. The best thing here is to buy souvenirs like shirts with designs or cat biscuits.

Lowline Lab

If you have already visited the Highline in Chelsea, now is the time to shop around for the Lowline Lab. This park is new and is literally under the city. It is located in the Williamsburg Trolley terminal and is open from October 2015 until March 2016. This makes it a perfect place to enjoy a “park” without winter cold place. Gather the whole family and enjoy this unique park in Manhattan.

Chelsea Piers

Chelsea Piers is a huge warehouse located in an old pier where you can do all kinds of sports activities. Kids will spend hours playing with other children and even practicing ice skating or scaling the climbing wall. If the day is clear it is undoubtedly one of the most desirable alternatives.

American Museum of Natural History

The Natural History Museum is a favorite of the younger and certainly one of the mandatory things to do with children in New York. In addition to the endless rooms that make it interactive and curious areas that attract the attention of children, the fourth floor with dinosaurs.


The Cloisters

The Cloisters “Cloisters” and the gardens surrounding the museum are part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and dedicated to the architecture of medieval Europe. The Cloisters are ideal for children over ten years and of course adults. This museum is located in Fort Tryon Park in northern Manhattan. I remember when I went and I was impressed with the entire collection held; have approximately five thousand works of art of medieval Europe. It is a secluded place in the city and located in the countryside; allowing you to forget the stress and bustle of the city. Younger will appreciate the medieval art, gardens, stunning views and above all fresh air.

Jeffrey’s Hook Lighthouse

Jeffrey’s Hook Lighthouse , also known as Little Red Lighthouse, is located across the George Washington Bridge in Fort Washington Park. It is one of the most fascinating places that brings us closer to nature in its purest form . It has a spectacular view of New Jersey, the George Washington Bridge and the Hudson River. Besides the view, you can also ride a bike or hiking with children. The best seasons to visit the lighthouse are spring, summer and fall.

West Harlem Piers

West Harlem Piers is facing the Hudson River Park which has one of the best views of New Jersey. Besides sunbathing and biking, the park connects us with Lower Manhattan. A great opportunity to walk along the river and even fish. You can also enjoy photography and spend the day with family. And if the child you get hungry you can visit the restaurant Dinosaur Bar-B-Que where they serve the best chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese.

Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Governors Island

Wave Hill

Wave Hill is a public garden of 28 hectares which also functions as a cultural center with unique views of the Hudson River and “Palisades New Jersey. It is located in the Bronx and is one of those places that very few know. It is a perfect place to spend all day taking pictures, admiring nature and enjoying family. Autumn is one of the best seasons to enjoy the changing colors of the leaves with the children.

Baseball Stadiums

If your kids are fans of baseball then there are two places you will love them visit: the Citi Field and Yankee Stadium. Baseball in New York is an institution and, although I have my favorite team, both stages are worth a visit. The two representatives of the city in the MLB are the Yankees and the Mets. Yankee Stadium is the sports infrastructure more expensive in history, while the Mets play at the City Field in Queens, and will play in the World Series this year.

Flushing Meadows Park

The Park Flushing Meadows Corona, Queens is a must for all those interested in the latest in art, science and sport. The Queens Museum of Art boasts an impressive collection of contemporary avant-garde art, which features a giant architectural model where the five boroughs of New York are; realistically it represents each of the buildings and roads that make up the city of New York. The New York Hall of Science, meanwhile, features hundreds of hands-on exhibits, including a science exhibition outdoors in all, regardless of age, they can play.

The Jane’s Carousel

Go with the family to New York and visit the Brooklyn Bridge has to be synonymous with taking the kids to get on the horses in Jane’s Carousel. It is located on the side of Brooklyn just across the bridge. Below the bridge itself it is also a huge park (Brooklyn Bridge Park) to relax, walk or take a picnic. Best of all is to get on the horse alone is worth two dollars per person!

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

Since we’re on the Brooklyn Bridge, you can eat you one of the best ice cream I’ve had in New York. This is Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, a small space where there are loads homemade ice cream flavors to each better. No doubt the chocolate is the star, at least for me!

Coney Island

Coney Island is one place in Brooklyn to be visited with children, especially in summer. On the one hand has Luna Park, an amusement park that preserves touch the past and the other has a beautiful beach where you can walk. Its proximity to the city just an hour by train allowed traveling on the same day. It is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in a different New York to Manhattan and into an authentic experience in contact with typical American families and curious characters.

New York Aquarium

In the same Coney Island and close to Luna Park is the New York Aquarium. It is the oldest active aquarium in the United States and currently has about 270 species. Children will enjoy sharks, penguins and other animals while learning with them.

Governor’s Island

Governor’s Island in a place that seems just wonderful and which is reached from Manhattan just catching a ferry. In fact many people catch the ferry just to enjoy the wonderful views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. To reach Governor’s Island, home too many festivals and fairs, you have to take the ferry from Battery Maritime Building. This place is perfect for bike rides and picnics. It is one of the best places in New York to have views of Manhattan and New Jersey.

Historic Richmond Town

The historic town of Richmond, the children will appreciate the most important of everyday life. This town is a remarkable village and museum that encompasses four centuries of history and culture of Staten Island. Today, the 40 hectares of Richmond contain 28 buildings of historical importance. They have many demonstrations of certain occupations; such as tinsmiths, weavers, printers with a Stansbury press, very rare, and you can also visit the museum revolves around folk art, clothing, textiles and tools.

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