17 plans to have fun on a rainy day in New York

Rainy Day in New York
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Now we are in the fall in New York, unexpected rainy days come and with them the plans must be modified slightly. Although it is true that buy an umbrella or a raincoat and walk in the rain through the streets of Manhattan is something charming, there comes a time when heavier being on the road to modify the plans you may have a prior.

Before you begin, here comes the warning: The first thing you may come to mind for a rainy day can be a good idea. Good thinking if it were not like you, other thousands (many thousands) of people have thought the same. And I know from experience that when many people in New York think of a site are MANY.

Rainy Day in New York
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Therefore, because we have had to live many days of rain and seek alternative plans, we have compiled a selection plans for a rainy day in New York.

Visit museums less crowded

We all know that in a rainy day, museums are the best way to amortize the view but otherwise things saved from adverse weather. On rainy days we always have the option to MoMA, museums kind MET or Natural History Museum. The problem is that it will be quite busy. Therefore we always prefer these days seek alternative museums. These are just a few; the list of museums in New York is quite extensive…

  • House-Museum of Louis Armstrong in Corona (Queens), where I was excited to feel like Louis Armstrong himself was teaching me his life and his neighborhood.
  • Museum of Image and the Movement for movie lovers. This large study become museum houses original movies and stuff is fun because there are many interactive activities.
  • MoMath, I recognize that is a little more geek, but apart from that focuses on the world of mathematics is super fun.
  • The Cloisters north of Manhattan, where religious art with centuries old. In addition the area is beautiful and wonderful views.
  • The City Museum to learn about the origins of Manhattan and as has become the city it is today. I personally loved the room Timelapse.

Shopping at a mall

New York is a paradise for those who are predestined to go shopping. You can find, at a price or another, anything you want to buy. Although a rainy day may be best to not go shopping on Fifth Avenue, if not some sheltered site the following malls are a good option to satisfy this desire: Time Warner Center near Central Park, The Manhattan Mall Herald’s Square, Queens Center Mall and Grand Central Terminal. Then you also have classics such as Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s or Bergdorf and Goodman. Finally there is the option to move to the Woodbury outlets, and buy clothing at unbeatable prices.

Log in historic buildings

New York is a Mecca for lovers of architecture. While we have in the city architectural elements as old as in Europe, in more modern styles it is one of the world references. Of course we have the two most famous skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building and Top of the Rock. But then we also have other buildings and spaces for a rainy day are perfect, because you can stop to observe details. I recommend Grand Central Terminal, GE Building, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, NYPL, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine or Gracie Mansion on the Upper East Side.

Enjoy some work

Of course this plan would fit in any city in the world. But we’re in New York and options, especially some unique opportunities multiply works. On one hand we of course Broadway, but we will recommend that on rainy days better you take a look at the Off-Broadway. In addition to music there are other great options like attending a Lincoln Center opera or concert at Madison Square Garden.

Enjoy a movie in a cinema

One Sunday raining with cinema is one of the best days of the week. In New York there are lots of cinemas with all kinds of movies. But as we already know you go, know that independent cinemas are the ones we call attention to enjoy the cinema. Which we like to us are The Angelika, Lincoln Center and the Cinema Village Cinema.

Browse free art galleries in Chelsea

Chelsea is one of the trendiest neighborhoods has been in terms of trends in art. Besides being one of our favorite parts of the city for a drink, numerous free art galleries in Chelsea are a must for art lovers. Roam around can be a great plan for a rainy day, besides serving to meet artists. Once we even had the chance to see a couple of works by Picasso exhibited in one of the galleries. And if then it clears, dad a walk in the Chelsea High Line Park!

Let the hours pass in a charming café

Do you ever said we had what we like coffee with a twist? For a rainy day the chances of finding a lost cafeteria multiply any New York neighborhood. In Queens I recommend two: The Aubergine Cafe in Sunnyside and Espresso 77 in Jackson Heights. Then in Brooklyn is certainly our preferred Gorillaz Coffee in Park Slope. Whether we like Manhattan in Chelsea Pushcart Coffee, Amy’s Bread in the East Village or Harlem Cafe.

Lost in books

Rain and books think they are, after coffee (or rather all together with coffee), one of my favorite combinations for a day in New York. In the city there are libraries that are a real treat and the worth missing rummaging among its treasures. There are some specialized in mystery (The Mysterious Bookshop), other sleeve (Forbidden Planet New York City), other books at bargain prices as Strand Bookstoreand other even a cafe to read the books you buy (The Housing Work Bookstore Cafe or McNally Jackson Books). For example, here you leave a path of alternative bookstores southern Manhattan.

Afford at a restaurant unhurried

It’s raining on New York and lunch or dinner, why hurry if we can use to try one of the many specialty restaurants the city offers? And also something for all tastes and budgets. From Michelin star restaurants like Blue Hill (which by the way had a scandal) to hamburger hidden as Burger Joint. In our section of restaurants in New York we climb new occasionally.

Enjoy a jazz concert

New York is a special place to hear jazz. Here you have landed many talents of this musical style with the hope of fulfilling their dreams. To us it is an activity that we love for a rainy day. In Harlem we like Minton’s is well known in the city. Then the Villain at the Village Vanguard, if it is the first time you are going to recommend one. Finally in Brooklyn really we enjoyed the Cuban Social also has an excellent Caribbean food.

Attend an NBA game

For those who love basketball, the NBA is the Mecca where attending a party. It is pure emotion, energy, environment, and a host of sensations. I have no words to describe what you feel when you are in a pavilion watching a NBA game. In New York we have the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks. I’m more a fan of the Nets, granted it a game at Madison Square Garden is something all you have to live once in life.

An indoor swimming pool

Relax in a pool is not only a thing of the summer. In New York, how could it be otherwise, there are many pools that operate during the winter and are ideal for a rainy day in New York plan? You have e.g. Hotel Le Parker Meridien, which is also the site which has the hidden down burger (Burger Joint). Other options include Room Mate Grace, The Peninsula, One UN New York and Trump International Hotel.

Take the free ferry to Staten Island

Perhaps not the best of plans for a rainy day, but it’s free! If you are in the south of the island of Manhattan and suddenly it rains, here’s a perfect plan!   The ferry going to Staten Island offers cabins inside that allow you to take a pleasant stroll while watching the Statue Freedom closely and quietly sail. When you get to Staten Island if it’s raining again and we recommend if on the other island is clear, we recommend that you take advantage to walk a bit and meet her.

Chelsea Piers

Chelsea Piers is a huge room built on one of the piers of Manhattan on the Hudson River. It’s in the Chelsea neighborhood and can make any sport you can imagine. It’s perfect if you’re with kids as they enjoy themselves here and besides pipe make friends. They have classes, skating rinks, bowling, spa, gymnasium, climbing wall and tennis almost every sport. I was impressed the first time I visited.

Solo or group activities

Not talking about the romantic plans that we told you in another post. We refer to activities where besides having a good time you can learn some art. Whether purely culinary or plastic, it is becoming fashionable to combine sip wine with your partner or your friends, learn to cook, paint or photograph. It is fun and no matter the level you have, because what matters is for more than the final result.

Guided tours by car

Obviously they could not miss the tours that allow you to fully explore the city, while you go with a guide and sheltered from the rain .The options are many, but if I had to choose one for the first time I might stay with that of contrasts or the upper and lower Manhattan.Then, for those who like to photograph the city lit up at night is the night tour. And if it’s Sunday, maybe a walk through Harlem and Gospel Mass is the most exciting option.

Escape to another city

If it rains in New York and we have more days, why not take the opportunity to visit another city? The choices are endless from the city of New York and how to go also very varied. Since organize your own route, fuck the train and escape to some people of the State of New York or Pennsylvania, to take advantage of some of the organized excursions and cities like Washington, Philadelphia or Boston. And if you have more days you might be interested the option of visiting the Amish or enjoy the Niagara Falls.

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