13 Things to do in Venice

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Venice , the city of canals, the carnival and expect dreams to fulfill. Discover its secrets and do not miss the best this city has to offer. Get ready to experience one of the plans more amazing with this top 13 of what you can not miss in the city of water and lovers.

1. Plaza San Marcos

It is the most important square Venice and one of the most visited tourist spots in the city. It defined by Napoleon as “the most beautiful room of Europe’, it is one of the places beautiful in the world .In addition, you will be surprised how many pigeons that congregate in the piazza. 

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2. Basilica of San Marcos

It located in the Piazza San Marco, is the most important religious building in the city. Its interior is dominated by golds and luxury finishes with stunning mosaics depicting scenes from the Old Testament. Inside, there is the body of San Marcos, which is why it is named. We recommend visiting the Museum of the Basilica to admire about all the beauties of this religious center. 

3. Gondola Ride

There is no better way to see the city of water on a walk in gondola For centuries this was the main means of transport in the city; today it is one of the most popular tourist activities. Although it can be a little expensive, it is a unique experience that you can not miss. For a more romantic atmosphere, makes this tour at sunset and let soothe the gondolieri. 

4. The Grand Canal

It is the largest and most important of the canals, and divides it into two parts. You can traverse by land or sea, either walking and crossing one of its bridges, or by vaporetto – a sea bus – taking the line 1 along the 4km of the channel, making stops at various points of interest. Do not miss the opportunity to take stunning photos of the most beautiful monuments of the city.

5. Palazzo Ducale

The Ducale Palace is a fortified castle located in the Plaza San Marcos who has served the city as afortress and prison. Today it is one of the most visited monuments because of its beautifulByzantine architecture. In its interior is golden staircase, the armory, the polling room andapartment del Duque. It ends the visit with the views of the dungeons of the prison and appreciate it all with this amazing tour.

6. Murano Island

Know this amazing island and marvel at the skills of the glassmakers. Walk a genuine Murano handicraft factory and learn the secrets and processes for their preparation. Pay close attention, because in this tour you can create your own pieces!

7. Day in Lido Beach

Live a day of sun, sea, sand and relaxation on the shores of the Serenissima. An excellent choice is Lido, which is a few minutes away by vaporetto and has approximately 12 km of coastline. It is the choice of local and It is great for taking the sun.

8. Torre dell ‘Orologio

This astronomical clock is a piece of engineering that you can not miss. With chimes every hour, two bronze figures – known as ‘The Moors’ – adorn the show. It also has three areas: the first indicates the hour, the second indicates the zodiac signs and the latter phases of the moon and the sun, having the largest area that has 4.5 meters in diameter.

9. Bridge of Sighs

The famous Bridge of Sighs is so named because it was the last point where the prisoners and sentenced to death saw the light of the sun, the sky and the channels of his city last through a small window. You can make your photo memory and know this Venetian icon to make your visit to Palace Ducale, or see it from the outside, either going under your ride gondola or walking around town, so appreciate its beautiful Baroque architecture.

10. Take a coffee Torrefazione Cannaregio

They say that happiness is not in the objects but in a coffee Torrefazione is very close. Delight your senses with a delicious cappuccino in the streets of Cannaregio in one of the most renowned cafes in the city. You can not say you’ve visited Venice if you have not enjoyed one authentic Italian coffee.

11. La Fenice Opera House

Runs one of the theaters and halls of music more beautiful and luxurious Italy, appreciate their architecture, its chandelier and ceiling with images of cherubs and all the decoration made ​​withgold leaf. Impression with the lounge which has hosted artists Pavarotti and has served as awedding hall for the artist Salma Hayek.

12. Bell of San Marcos

In front of the Basilica of San Marcos is the bell tower, one icon of the city and one of the best places to have a aerial view and panoramic Venice. At its height, 97 meters high point, there is a statue 3 meters from the Archangel Gabriel with open wings that make you turn to get the winds.Inside, it houses six bells very famous, each with a specific function. Today, it is used as a lookout point where you can make perfect photos to your social networks.

13. Cannaregio

Its name comes from derivative ‘Canal Regio’ referring to the great waterway Cannaregio, which in antiquity was the only entrance to the island and today joins the Grand Canal to the lagoon of Venice. Walk along the canals and streets where you’ll find lots of cafés, markets and craft stalls. You can also visit the Madonna dell’Orto, the Palace Vendramin Calergi or the Gothic Ca ‘d’Oro.

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