12 Destinations recommended for 2016

Destinations to travel 2016
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With a year it only takes a few hours (festive hangover for most) Release, calendar lies ahead 12 months to travel possibilities. The destinations of your choice can be visited as a couple or alone, near or far, can be weekend getaways or for basting several consecutive weeks on the road.

I have compiled this list of 12 destinations for 2016 to which I would like to return to travel or discover during this year just brand new.

Some are old friends of our backpacks; others have visas that have never before been glued to the pages of the passport. Some you can go by car or train, for others you’ll have to get on one, two or more planes. I hope that will inspire these destinations and recalls that the final choice is yours … and there is a world of possibilities.

Destinations to travel 2016
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They call the new Thailand, say enjoying the freshness, hospitality and landscape that country when neither you nor I had even set foot.

I know more than one, two and three travel bloggers and photographers who have fallen under the spell of the Philippines, daughter of Spain to just over 100 years ago.

Beautiful beaches, Hispanic heritage, more than 7,000 islands to explore: Philippines.


Situated in an area of the world that sadly jumps to the news almost every week, Jordan is probably the safest country in the area for tourists.

A few days in Jordan allow explore deserts with starry nights, such as Wadi Rum, gawk at the Treasury and Nabatean Monastery in Petra and relax snorkeling in the Red Sea (or feel amusingly missed by the feeling of floating in the Dead Sea).

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We share peninsula with a country that we know very little, and that was once part of Spain briefly. Beyond historical episodes, Portugal is for the average Spanish one set of stereotypes with few realities.

The viewpoints of Lisbon, the bridge over the River Douro in Oporto and the Estoril coast are from the North, Central or South of Spain, a desirable distance for a weekend getaway that can extend a few more days.

Destinations to travel 2016
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I do not know anyone who does not like pizza or pasta in all its varieties. Although food is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about the boot-shaped country, think that Italy is much more than sit at a table to enjoy good food.

Italy is attractive deseeds the heart of the Alps on any of the islands in the Mediterranean, there are landscapes and streets – where history abounds – Walking in Rome, navigate channels in Venice, palaces and art to those who marvel at Florence or dream beaches in Sardinia.


With the welcome fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Eastern Europe began a gradual process of opening to the West. In Poland, which has been a buffer between the voracity of czars and Communists, and the German territorial appetites and subsequent democracy, we also reached the fresh air of the times.

There is much history, too tragic, and much beauty in the landscapes and cities of Poland. Of forests where graze the last wild bison in Europe, to cities where the spirit of living is celebrated every night, Poland has much to offer the visitor.


Visit a dictatorship is never an easy decision. Whether Cuba, Iran (at the time) Burma, assess the impact of our trip in the government and the citizens who suffer. Iran is, for some time, in my point of traveler looks.

A theocracy that despises the West and the values ​​it represents is the lesser evil to meet curious, friendly and eager to interact with foreign people. I felt a lot of envy when I heard the Keys trip to Iran and saw his chronicle of PersepolisShirazKharanag and as many names dream.

Destinations to travel 2016
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Southeast Africa, the shores of the Indian Ocean and close to the island’s famous animated penguins (i.e. Madagascar), is the country that seduced David.

From the beaches of the fisher town of Vilanculos to Bazaruto seabed, through Mozambique Island, my partner not to rave about what seen, talked and enjoyed, so we have to go to meet Mozambique.

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Origin of many South American brothers who immigrated to Spain seeking a better future, the country has the world center in the capital almost an overdose of beauty in their buildings. No wonder the historic center of Quito was the first World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO.

What’s in Ecuador beyond Quito? A lush Amazon, a coast with beautiful corners and of course, the archipelago that revolutionized the ideas I had the man on his own origin, the Galapagos Islands.


Names like Samarkand stories evoke the memory of the first explorers to the East and trade in the Silk Road. Samarkand, historical and literary, is in Uzbekistan, Bukhara and Khiva as well, two other interesting towns.

The caravanserai of the time and the literary romanticism, Uzbekistan joined in with the atmosphere of a country that somehow remains stuck in colors, clothing styles and own a republic of the former USSR.

Destinations to travel 2016
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I keep resisting only call Myanmar, for me, as Orwell, although Burma is no longer British. One day the generals who ruled the country with the complicity of China, changed its name to the country as another day decided to drive on the left was too colonialist and ordered to lead the right.

These days, more or less dictatorial capricious decisions seem to have been left behind with the latest and first free in years, elections in the country. Since 2007 I visited him until 2015 that David did many things have changed, for the better, which to me is the true land of a thousand smiles.

Burma, Myanmar, should be one of your destinations for 2016.

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If there is a country where a Western breathes differences with what he knows, that is Japan. Industrial power after its defeat in World War II, the island pride born of a technology giant with whole neighborhoods dedicated to the sale of consumer electronics and fast shinkansen landscape crossing hundreds of kilometers per hour.

The latest in technology shares everyday life in Japan, with medieval castles, sumo, geisha in Kyoto and small traditional fast food in the shadow of the skyscrapers of Tokyo but.


At odds with a country-island continent where the contrasts are within their own borders but hundreds of kilometers away. Is a coral reef worldwide recognition, deserts take forever when you drive motor home, islands where the devil a little stubborn and awkward mammal bite is.

Green Mountain Tasmania stone in the middle of a desert in Uluru, of small mining towns to a vibrant, modern and multicultural Sydney, Australia is well worth a few weeks to tour.

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