10 Tips for your trip to the jungle safari

jungle safari

Now that you are ready to make your dreams come true and make the trip of your life you will surely be wondering what to pack for a jungle safari. Although the experience of a safari is special and unrepeatable, you can get an idea of ​​what awaits you by reading.

Are you going to travel to the Jungle safari? Take note!! These are 10 things that cannot be missing in your suitcase.

Here we write 10 basics tips to pack for your trip to the jungle safari

Insect repellent:

jungle safariImportant! La Selva is home to many insects and mosquitoes that abound in heat and humidity. I do not know about you, but I am a magnet for mosquitoes, they always bite me! So this for me is priority No. 1 on the list of things that I should put in my suitcase for my trip to the jungle safari. Protect yourself by using repellent and apply it several times a day, especially if you are going to be in contact with water. Continue reading: How to prepare a business trip


Very important too. It is always necessary to protect the skin from the sun’s rays, especially in extreme climates such as the Amazon.

Good trekking shoes:

I must confess that until yesterday I did not have decent shoes for this type of adventure. They are basic! Unlike any other pair of shoes, these have special features that make them “all terrain”. They are made so that you can walk long distances on rocky soils, earth, water, etc. I found these goodies from Adidas. They are the Terrex Ax2R Gore-Tex … besides being nice, these shoes adapt to practically any terrain.

jungle safariThe upper part is waterproof (perfect for my trip to the jungle safari where you can not get rid of the rain sometimes), the sole is good because it absorbs the impact of imperfections in the ground and protects your feet (it is horrible to feel everything that you are stepping on the road … with these tabs you will feel that you walk on cotton clouds) and as if that was not enough … the sole also has a TRAXION technology that makes them adhere incredibly to rock and wetlands … Best impossible for a trip to Jungle safari. If you like them, you can buy them in Adidas stores. Keep reading http://quiotl.com/diversity-in-flight-bird-watching-in-uganda/


We will probably take a walk along the river or we will go through the jungle, unprotected under the sun. Protect your eyes!


Within the same subject of protection, a beanie is basic for long walks and we complement the protection of the face.

Microfiber towel:

jungle safariThese towels are the salvation. If you are going to do some kind of adventure sport like canoeing, rappelling or something that involves getting wet. This will help you dry quickly. They also do not weigh anything and can be rolled up and occupy very little space.

Flips flops! :

Although you are going to use shoes for the walk when arriving at the waterfall or to walk around the city, basic sandals.


To get into the falls, river, lagoons and more! Anyway, you’re going to have to always wear another outfit to change and not go all wet and then you catch a cold.

An action camera:

jungle safariTo document everything! … they are all terrain like my new shoes, the idea is to put them in the river, at the falls, take pictures in the rain and not worry about anything.

See this article: Which camera is best to take me on a trip? Tips for choosing the appropriate model

A backpack:

Obviously to keep all the above

Other recommendations:

jungle safari

  • Wear cotton clothes … this will help you keep the body cool.
  • Take a plastic bag or ziplock to put your documents and money (if it gets wet it does not spoil everything)
  • Try to carry cash and simple. If you plan to visit villages that are a bit far from the city, it is preferable to have cash and simple to do some shopping.
  • If you go in the rainy season, wear a raincoat or those ponchos that sell for the rain.
  • Get vaccinated a few weeks in advance against Malaria and Yellow Fever. Better safe than sorry.
  • Although we think that because it is very hot it is better to wear shorts, I recommend you wear long pants … that way you will make it harder for mosquitoes to bite you.
  • If you are going on a tour at night, bring a flashlight.

And you, If you know any tips to trip to the jungle safari, please share with us, and if you like this article please must share your friends and family who loves to travel in the jungle!!

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