10 things to visit in Cardiff


Is there anything nice to see in Cardiff?

Before leaving for Wales, I had no great expectations about his capital. Honestly, I had never heard of it, none of my friends had been there and I had no feedback on this city. But what are you doing going to Wales for the first time and not staying in Cardiff?

But the beautiful surprises are always around the corner, and with the Welsh capital it was love at first sight. So I strongly advise you to visit it, I’m sure you will like it at least as much as we did.

The capital of Wales is perfect for a weekend visit and to organize yourself well here are the ones that Valentina and I think are the 10 things to visit in Cardiff, the ones you can’t miss.

Cardiff Castle

Made by the Normans in 1081 on the remains of a Roman fort, it is now a mix of different architectural styles. The last to put the “hands” in the second half of the nineteenth century was the 3rd Marquis of Bute, designed by the architect William Burges.

Beautiful apartments and a view of the city that can be enjoyed from the ancient fortress.

Animal Wall

On the wall that runs along Castle Street between the River Taff and the Castle, there are 15 animal sculptures made between 1890 and 1931, some rather disturbing.

High Street / St Mary Street

A wonderful road that starts from the entrance of the Castle. At its sides Victorian houses with colorful facades, many shops to shop and the inevitable pubs where to drink beer and eat typical local specialties.


In the city center, there are six Victorian galleries full of shops, bars and restaurants. Very comfortable especially in winter and on rainy days.

Cardiff Bay

It is about 5 km from the city center and can be reached in a few minutes either by train from Queen Street Station or by boat from Bute Park. Here is the Parliament of Wales with its glass-walled and undulating roof building, and the slate-glass Millennium Center which houses seven of the country’s cultural institutions.

There is no shortage of restaurants and bars where you can have a drink or a beer with a look at the water.

It is the ideal place to spend a relaxing afternoon.

Saint John the Baptist Church

Gothic church dating back to 1180, founded by Benedictine monks.

Millennium Stadium

This stadium is famous throughout the world for being home to the Wales Rugby team, one of the strongest teams in the world. It was built between 1997 and 1999 and can accommodate up to 74,500 people. It can be visited internally through paid tours.

Bute Park

The large city park that runs along the Castle and the River Taff.

The perfect place for jogging, walking among meadows and woods, and for relaxing on summer days.

Cathedral Road

It is considered one of the most beautiful Victorian streets in the world, and although I haven’t seen them all I can tell you that this is really beautiful. Elegant, tidy and quiet, its houses will make you want to drop everything and move there.

City Hall

The splendid Town Hall inserted in the setting of the Civic Center, in the Cathays Park, adjacent to the Castle. A building built in the English Renaissance style, carved with Portland stone, inaugurated in 1906.

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