10 keys that prepare you for a trip abroad

trip abroad
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Once you have finished the fun part- the place where you go on holiday and planning the itinerary – use this list so you do not forget the essentials. Follow these tips and you will not have to spend a moment of your trip to bureaucratic obstacles.


1- Restock your prescriptions and make sure you have enough medication for the trip, even for a few days more, if there are delays.

2- Check with your insurance company to verify that your policy covers medical emergencies abroad. If you are not covered, consider supplemental insurance.


3- Renew your passport about nine months before it expires. Some countries deny entry to travelers with passports with an expiry date of less than six months.

4- Make copies of your passport to keep with you whenever you travel abroad, if it is lost or stolen the original; so you can have proof of your citizenship and return to the United States. Before traveling, consider leaving a copy with someone you trust.

5- Generally, the farther and more complicated the trip, most likely need some sort of travel insurance to cover expenses related to delays, cancellations or problems with luggage.


6- Call the company your credit card to inform the fraud department about the countries you will visit dates and if possible when visiting. Thus, the company will know that they have not stolen your card no fee deductions for transactions.

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7- Check exchange rates and research before traveling over the rates it charges your bank to change money. Also, plans to withdraw money at an ATM once you arrive at your destination. Investigate Internet to identify banks that do not charge fees or you return them for transactions outside your network.

8- Before traveling, buying tickets available online for the attractions you want to visit; you can jump more queues and find deals that fit your interests.

Communication and electronic

9- Bring your smart phone, but incarcerate to disable data usage and parameter settings for the “background update applications” before traveling.  Download applications such as Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat or to receive text messages or make calls when you’re near a point of access to public WiFi network. You can also rent a mobile phone or buy a prepaid phone card from your US phone company.

10- Gather all your chargers and electronic devices and claims to have all power adapters and voltage converters necessary.

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