10 ice rinks in New York

Ice Rinks in New York
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Find the best ice rink in New York is an adventure. In addition to Rockefeller, Central Park and Bryant Park there are many other.

There is no better way to feel the winter fun in one of the ice rinks in New York. I’ll tell you about the best options to go ice skating and road take a hot chocolate. I know there are many options in this beautiful city, so here’s the list of my 10 tracks ice skating in New York favorite. From the famous Rockefeller Center to track inside the Chelsea Piers sports. Are you ready to skate in New York?

Ice Rinks in New York
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Rockefeller Center

Known for its 80-year history and the Christmas tree world famous, the ice rink in Rockefeller Center will be open until April 2016. I’ve seen here to ask for marriage! This year the track also offers advance bookings through its First Skate package that includes VIP treatment with skating lessons and hot chocolate (the price ranges from $ 60 per person).

It is open daily from 8:30 am until midnight. The price for adults is $ 25 to $ 32 and for seniors and children (10 and under) $ 15. Renting skates is worth $ 12 and remember that you get an hour and a half to slip into it.

Central Park

What could be more authentic in winter ice skating in New York? If you are in Central Park why not go skating at the rink ice Trump Wollman. The best thing about this track is that you can both take lessons in private skating, as well as skate freely. Also you can rent skates for you do not even have to bring your own. Whether it is open and only worth $ 8 by renting skates (they accept only cash). A plan to enjoy a day in the famous park!

Bryant Park

The Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park is one of my favorite places, which completes the experience of walking through the Christmas stalls of the park. Login is free and can go anytime to skate freely. But do not get too excited because you have to pay rent skates worth $ 15 dollars per pair; if you do not bring home. The upside is that the resort has capacity for 500 people and a special lounge that offers a full menu and hot chocolate. It will be open until March 6, 2016.

Riverbank State Park Harlem

The Ice Skating Rink Riverbank State Park is located in Harlem and is a private site that is covered. Este park has beautiful views of the Hudson River and the George Washington Bridge. Besides skating you can go play tennis or use their indoor pools. The place is open from November to March, and rent skates only costs $ 6 per day.

Abe Stark Coney Island

We traveled to the famous Coney Island to meet with the ice rink Abe Stark. It is true that many know as a Coney Island beach destination also rides the rides. What many do not know is that in winter, all this also a skating rink ice is added next to its famous beaches. On the track you can also play hockey and have ice skating lessons. Admission is $ 10 per person and $ 5 to rent skates dollars. The only caveat is that the skating rink is only open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm.

Lakeside Brooklyn

The ice rink is located in Lakeside Brooklyn and opened its doors this October. Visitors can join one of the many classes offered for all ages, from toddlers to adult beginners, ideal to go with plan the whole family! This track is open daily but hours vary. Admission is $ 6, like the skate rental. Remember to use the Parkside and Ocean Avenue entrance to the park.

City Ice Pavilion Long Island City, Queens

The City Ice Pavilion you will love because it is located on a rooftop (rooftop) in Long Island City and is one of the few rinks ices which is open all year. They offer public skating and hockey programs for youth and adults, as well as its own school of ice skating. It is known in New York that offers several packages for birthday parties and corporate events. Prices are $ 6 weekdays, $ 9 on weekends and festive and skate rental is $ 5.

Staten Island

The ice rink Staten Island is the only ice rink in the county, although it is true that is open all year. They offer private events and programs hockey and figure skating for children and adults of all levels. There are public meetings that are held on Fridays from 8-11 pm, Saturdays from 2: 30-4: 8 p.m. and 7: 30-9: 30 pm, and Sunday from 2-3: 50 pm. Admission is $ 11 for adults and $ 10 for children.

Chelsea Piers

The track Chelsea Piers is open all year at Pier 61 in Chelsea. This gigantic sport is open seven days a week and his rink ice is for skaters of all ages and levels. The facility has two runways, one available for skating in general and one for school Sky Rink Skating School. Other programs offered here are ice hockey and figure skating. Admission is $ 10 and for $ 5 to rent skates.

Brookfield Place

The Tennis Brookfield Place is located on the square in front of the old World Financial Center is now called Brookfield Place Winter Garden. This track allows you to enjoy ice skating in New York outdoors, despite its cold climate. Eiene a wonderful view of the North Marina and is open from 14 November 2015. The track is larger than Rockefeller Center; with a general admission ticket is worth $ 15 plus $ 5 to rent skates.

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