10 destinations for your holiday!

10 destinations
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Whether hot or cold in the place where you head, you will always find thousands of seasonal activities or sports for fun and big. Therefore, we invite you to visit these places:

Los Angeles: It is the largest cosmopolitan city in the United States. Cede the mythical Hollywood, has countless museums and interesting places to visit, such as Chinatown or Pasadena.

Madrid: In Madrid you can travel the 73 most complete museums around the world, taste the most delicious dishes or witness bull bulls in the streets of Madrid.

10 destinations
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Las Vegas: The city of Las Vegas is known worldwide as the entertainment capital. Have great fun with amazing shows, the most luxurious themed hotels and the widest variety of casinos that only the city of the game can offer.

New York: It has been considered the economic and cultural capital of the United States. Broadway, Times Square, Wall Street and many more sites will make your trip unforgettable.

Cancun: Located in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun is a true vacation paradise. White sand beaches, turquoise water and average temperature of 27 degrees will make your stay an exclusive relax.

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Chicago: Chicago is one of the most important cities in North America. It is located on the shores of Lake Michigan and is a key point for the beginning of your trip as almost all US highways pass by.

Cuba: It is the tourist island of choice for our travelers. A combination of beautiful beaches, warm waters and affordable prices make this destination an excellent alternative for your holiday.

Miami: It is considered by many a vacation paradise at any time of year. With an annual temperature of 24 degrees, the southern state of Florida offers the best beaches with the most complete entertainment for you to enjoy your trip.

Bariloche: Bariloche is the ideal place for all kinds of extreme sports in the famous Cerro Catedral stage.

Mendoza: Located at the foot of the Cordillera de los Andes, Mendoza is a good proposal for this holiday. Its snowy hills allow a lot of winter sports in the many international ski centers.

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